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   Chapter 924 The Blood Sucking Mother

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7313

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"What? Don't listen to him. I'm just a little manager at this hotel. I had a raise, but it wasn't that much, and I already gave most of it to you," said Julie as she smiled wryly.

"Hmm...are you sure about that? Your brother saw you looking at a house. Where did you get the money from then?" her mother questioned.

"Just because I'm poor, does that mean I can't go to look at a house? Who set the rules for that? I just wanted to motivate myself to work harder by seeing my dream home," Julie responded as she looked at her mother.

Her mother rolled her eyes at Julie and said, "You'd better be telling me the truth. You'll go straight to hell if you're lying to me. I spent a fortune raising you. The money that I spent on you was enough to buy myself a big house."

"I understand mother. I give you most of my salary every month, don't I?" said Julie.

Julie's greedy mother didn't think that was enough. She sneered, "That money isn't enough for anything. It's barely enough to get the groceries. If you can work harder and give me ten grand a month, I'll leave you alone."

"Ten grand a month? I would never be able to make that much. You'd better just sell me to a rich man," sneered Julie, looking at her mother with discontent.

"Trust me. If I could, I would! Alternatively, you can find yourself a sugar daddy. That way, you won't have to work, and you'll have plenty of money. How does that sound?"   Julie's mother suggested. It seemed like she had been thinking about that for a while.

Julie sighed and shook her head. She didn't know what to do with her mother.

"All right, that's all I wanted to say. Now give me some money to take a taxi home," Julie's mother said as she put her hand out for money.

Julie just wanted to get rid of her mother, so she promptly gave her the money.

After her mother had left. Julie sat on the couch and buried her pretty face in her hands, secretly wiping her tears away.

Zed had witnessed everything that happened in the lobby. He suddenly realized why Julie was trying so hard to keep this job. She had a blood-sucking mother.

"Did she pick you up from somewhere?" Zed asked. That was the best guess

Julie took the tissues, and Zed's guilty face made her smile. "I accept your apology. You don't have to feel guilty about it. It's my problem, after all."

Zed was a real softie when he saw a woman crying. He made the wrong decision, and that had upset Julie.

Besides, he already felt guilty towards Julie because of Jean's false accusations against her, and now he felt even worse.

"All right, I'm okay. I'm leaving now. Whenever your wife feels better, let me know. Even I'm getting paid for not working. I prefer to work, so I don't spend any money. If you had a mother like mine, you would understand me," said Julie. With a broad smile on her face. Julie shrugged and waved her hand, saying goodbye to Zed.


Jean had begun to form a habit of exercise with the help of James. She could feel her body getting tighter and stronger. Her appetite had also improved. James learned Micro-expressions in college. He was very good at telling if Jean was upset. Every day, he tried his best to make Jean happy.

This process gave James a sense of fulfillment and achievement.

Jean felt remorseful for the trouble that she had brought to the hotel staff. She wanted to make it up to them. It was Zed's company, after all.

Today, she bought a lot of cupcakes and egg-tarts for them to share.

The employees at the front desk recognized Jean the moment she walked in. They helped her with the bags and greeted, "Good afternoon, Mrs. Qi."

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