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   Chapter 922 Are You Mad

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6881

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Jean felt awkward being at James' office, and he seemed like he was pretty busy. She regretted asking him to be her coach.

'I should just go to the gym by myself. He looks super busy.'

While Jean was still contemplating a good excuse to get out of there, James took off the headset and stretched his arms, "Those people sucked. They were playing like amateurs and had the balls to challenge me! What a joke! One million is coming my way; I will treat you to something nice tonight!" He looked at Jean with a big smile on his face.

Jean was confused. She strode to the computer and looked at the screen. There was a big victory sign on the screen, which then changed to show his game profile. He had just won a game.

"Playing this game was your emergency?" Jean asked, looking at him in disbelief.

"Well, yeah. A player challenged me to the game for a million dollars. Of course, I had to accept it!" exclaimed James.

She sighed, "So, do you run a gaming company or something like that?"

James shook his head. "Not really. My company deals with exporting and importing. If you'd like, I can show you around."

She refused hastily, "No, I am not really interested. You seem really busy; I will show myself out."

"Why? Are you mad?" James stood up and quickly caught up with her.

Jean turned around at the door to look at him and said, "I assumed that you didn't have a job and had plenty of time to hang around with me. I guess I was wrong. I am the only one without a job here, so I should go to the gym by myself. Sorry for the trouble!"

"You are mad at me!" James concluded.

"No, I am not! Do I look upset at all? I just didn't want to trouble you," she tried to explain. It was true that she was a little upset, but she didn't think it was necessary to let him know that.

On their way to the office, James had sped all that way. Jean had been holding onto dear life.

However, all that risk and scare was just for a million-dollar bet! He was right, she was mad at him.

"Oh no! I think you have misunderstood me. I pro

plied. She was even more upset now.

She knew that she wasn't in a good shape right now. That was probably why Nora had thought so less of her. Jean took a deep breath and set her mind. She was going to make herself better!

That look which Nora had thrown at her before she had left inspired Jean to workout harder. She didn't complain about any of the routines which James asked her to do.

"It's your first day of training. Don't push too hard. Get some rest," said James. Seeing the sweat beads on her forehead made him a little concern about her overall health.

"Jean, please don't take Nora's words to heart. I already broke up with her, but I would still like to apologize for what she said to you. That was not at all cool," said James.

Jean nodded without a word. She looked tired and kept drinking water.

"Are you alright?" James patted on her shoulder with a worried look on his face.

"I'm okay. But I think this is enough for today. I should head home," said Jean. She stood up and grabbed her bag to leave.

James said hastily, "Let me drive you home. It's hard to get a taxi around here."

Jean managed to smile and said, "Thank you so much, but I want to take a walk alone. I need to clear my mind. You said this road was pretty safe. I'll be okay. Bye, I'll see you tomorrow."

She turned, waved her hand at him and left the gym.

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