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   Chapter 921 The Lies

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7031

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Zed let down his guard immediately and gave Jean a smile. "Are you planning to sign up? That sounds great, baby! Exercise will put you in a good mood! I am so happy for you!" he said.

"Hmm... James, thank you for the information. I will discuss it with my husband. If I'm interested, I will give you a call," said Jean. She didn't want Zed to know about James.

"Alright! Give me a call if you need me," James said and bid goodbye to them both. He secretly winked at Jean before leaving.

When they were finally alone, Zed walked closer to Jean and touched her face gently. "Honey, do you feel better?"

He was wearing the same suit from yesterday. Jean frowned at the scent of alcohol. Flying a kite, Jean asked, "You got drunk last night, didn't you?"

Zed thought for a moment. He didn't want her to think too much into it, so he decided to lie. He replied, "I did. I was worried that you were still mad at me, so I booked a room in the hotel, bought a bottle of liquor and drunk myself to sleep."

Jean was shocked to hear his blatant lie. She already knew that he had spent the night with the hotel employees and was drinking with Julie in a bar.

She felt very insecure. Since she wasn't sure what happened between him and Julie last night, Jean didn't say anything. She held her emotions in, took his suit coat and said, "You should go shower."

"Will do, honey," he replied softly. Zed nodded his head with a smile, and strode to the bathroom after kissing her on the forehead.

Jean was finally alone. She sniffed his suit and tried to find any trace of another woman.

However, the only thing she could smell was alcohol, which actually comforted her a little.

Julie used a very strong perfume. If they had even so much as hugged, she would have left that scent on his clothes. It seemed to Jean as if they simply had a drink together. However, Jean could never know for sure. Only they would know.

After his shower, Zed walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist. His body was still dripping wet, and his muscular torso distinctly showed off his eight pack abs.

result. If I am not satisfied, you will have nothing but free air."

She laughed back. It had been a while since she had laughed out so genuinely.

James came by very quickly. Seeing his fancy car, Jean was surprised. She asked, "I didn't know you have a car! Why couldn't you drive your own car last time we met instead of stealing my cab?"

"There was an accident and my car broke down," he said, shrugging. "Anyway, get in! There's someplace I need to be!" He rushed Jean and opened the door for her.

James was clearly in a rush. He stopped his car in front of a company, whose name Jean recognized immediately. She was startled.

He walked right in. Jean followed him close behind.

"Good morning, boss!" When James walked in, the employees stopped their work to greet him. Jean was surprised once again.

She had never expected that James would be the boss of such a big company. He looked even younger than her. Jean quickly recovered. She thought that he might be from a rich family.

There was no other way that he could own a company this huge at such a young age.

James rushed into his office and switched on the computer. He pointed to the couch and said to Jean, "Take a seat. If you need anything, just let my secretary know."

Saying that, he put a headphone on and looked at the screen intensely. He placed his hand on the keyboard and started typing really fast.

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