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   Chapter 919 Exhaustion

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8374

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To Jean's disappointment, it seemed that Zed wasn't concerned about her.

They had been a couple for a long time now, so simply breaking up with Zed wasn't the answer, either.

Jean sat and watched as James pounded as hard as he could into the punching bag. With each blow, the veins on his neck and arms popped out on every impact with the bag. Jean couldn't work out if it was sweat or tears that poured down his cheeks now and then.

After resting for a while, she stood up to continue punching the bag, wanting to vent out all her inner discontent and anger.

When James noticed that she was also punching the bag so hard, he stopped to watch her with a faint smile on his face. "You look skinny. I didn't expect that you could be so strong!"

Jean ignored his comment and kept on punching the bag in the boxing training ground with all her might. Two hours had passed when Jean had finally run out of energy. When they packed up and left the gym, it was already getting dark outside. With a gloomy face, Jean pulled out her mobile to check for any messages or missed calls from Zed. However, she was disappointed to find that there was still nothing from him.

"Can you tell me your name now?" James walked up to her and asked while wiping his sweat with a towel.

"Jean," she replied. After looking around the surroundings for a moment, she asked, "It seems like this street is a bit remote. How can I get back home? Is there a taxi nearby?"

"Taxi? Are you kidding? There won't be any taxis nearby. We'll have to walk back. Don't worry, I often take this road, and I'm sure that it's very safe here," James said and led the way for Jean.

Jean did another quick scan and found that no taxi was passing by, so she immediately caught up to James.

As she walked, she intermittently glanced at her cell phone in fear of missing any of Zed's calls. Initially, she thought that she hadn't received any because her cell phone had a weak signal. However, after restarting her phone and then checking the bars to see if she had good reception, Jean found that she still had nothing from Zed.

"Stop looking at your phone. He won't call you today!" James spoke as if he could read her mind at a glance.

Jean knitted her eyebrows with discontent. "Then tell me, when will he contact me?"

James pondered over the question for a while and then answered, "He may send you a message and tell you that he won't be back home tonight. He might also say that he didn't finish his job or some

ason why he chose the Western style restaurant as the spot.

All the staff were very excited about the news, and they went to the restaurant together. Once they entered, they unexpectedly ran into Julie.

"Hey, guys! What a coincidence!" Julie came over to greet everyone enthusiastically, but she ignored Zed.

"Would you like to join us, Julie?" One of the employees invited her with sincerity.

Julie glanced at Zed thoughtfully. "Of course I'd love to join you, but I'm afraid that someone might not like it."

Zed knew that she was referring to him as being that 'someone.' He forced a smile and said, "You're welcome to join us."

With a satisfied smile on her face, Julie sat down in a chair at their table and said, "I've wanted to come to this restaurant for a long time. The goose liver is supposed to be very delicious here, and there is a dessert made with sea urchins that's also very special. What an amazing concept!"

During the meal, Julie looked at Zed from time to time. However, each time she found that he was preoccupied and stared absentmindedly at his cell phone. He didn't appear to be enjoying the party at all.

After dinner, Julie suggested that they all go to a cafe for fun. Zed wanted to reject her, but he found everyone staring at him expectantly as if they were waiting for him to say yes.

He didn't know how to refuse them, so he agreed.

When they arrived at the cafe, everyone began to relax and enjoy themselves. Some were singing, some were drinking, and some were playing the dice game.

Julie sat next to Zed and faked a cough. "I heard that something unpleasant happened in the hotel today. What's wrong?"

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