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   Chapter 917 Shameless Bastard

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9481

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"Shameless bastard!" Jean cursed freely in Chinese, unable to control her temper any longer.

The man's eyes widened at her words. His next words came to Jean as a shock. "Miss!" he exclaimed to her, and in Chinese as well.

Embarrassment flooded all over her as Jean looked at him with her mouth hanging open. "Just now…how... You know Chinese?" she asked in disbelief.

This man with blonde hair looked like any typical Western foreigner. She had never expected him to know Chinese at all.

"Chinese was my major," he answered smugly. "I am telling you now for your own good. There are a lot of people here who speak Chinese. You'd better watch your words, Miss." He cocked his head and gave Jean an arrogant smile.

"Hmm... Whatever... It's true anyway," Jean said back with a glare. The fact that the man knew Chinese came as a surprise, but it didn't really matter all that much to her. She meant what she had just said. If he could understand her, then all the better. He deserved those words.

The man's smile only widened at her response. "A feisty little one, aren't you? Well, since you are pretty, I will let this go and forgive your rudeness," he said, grinning.

Jean's eyebrows furrowed deeper. The nerve of this man! He was not only shameless. To think that he would also be a flirt!

"It's the second time we have bumped into each other," he said in a low voice that sounded too practiced. "Don't you think that this is fate? My name is James. Here is my number. I'd like to talk to you some more," he told her, offering a small card. Thankfully, the car had reached their destination. Ignoring his advances, Jean walked straight to the hotel.

She was in a rush to get to Zed. She had no time nor the slightest bit of interest in pesky mosquitoes like him.

"Hey! Miss Rude!" James called out and grabbed Jean's arm. "I am talking to you!" he continued persistently.

Jean was quickly losing her patience over his relentless pestering. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with this man. Reaching for her arm, she tried to pry herself away from his grip, but he was too strong. Jean turned to him in rage and seethed, "What the hell are you doing? I don't have the time for this. Let go of me!"

"Why are you in such a rush? Too excited to catch your unfaithful husband on the act?" James teased. At his words, Jean's face fell. At her expression, James' smug smile disappeared and he backed away. "I am sorry," he apologized. "It was a joke. I didn't mean to insult your husband..." His voice trailed off as he watched Jean try to hold back her tears.

She didn't say another word and just walked to the elevator.

"Umm..." A tense silence had settled between the two of them as they waited for the elevator. It seemed as if the seconds wore longer as Jean just stared at sign with her back to

situation, Zed pulled Jean out of the room.

Jean kept her head low as they passed through the hallway, tears rolling down from her eyes in her shame.

When they were alone, Zed asked her, "Jean, what's going on? What happened?" His voice was patient, but his brows were furrowed in confusion at the strange turn of events.

"I had a dream. In my dream, you were s-sleeping with Julie in the-that room. So I-I came over..." Jean answered, her words punctuated with sobs. She was unable to meet his eyes.

Upon hearing her explanation, Zed felt more anxious. Sighing, he said, "Jean, it's just a dream. You don't seem to be okay. I scheduled an appointment with a psychologist. He will be here tonight. Until then, you can stay here with me."

"A psychologist?" Jean's head shot up as she asked. She looked at Zed and searched his eyes. "Why a psychologist? I am not sick! I don't need one! Do you think I am going insane too?"

There was no stopping the onslaught of her tears. She couldn't believe Zed would do such a thing to her. Her expression was accusing with betrayal.

She looked at Zed as his face changed from confused to troubled. Unable to hold back from her pain, she sneered at him, "Right. I got you. You think I am crazy, don't you? Now you're going to make that doctor say that I'm crazy so you can leave me. Is that it!"

"Jean! Can you please calm down?" Zed asked. He came to her side and held her shoulders, trying to pacify her.

"Calm down? I am very calm! I know what I'm feeling. I don't need to see any damned shrink! I just don't want you to be with any other woman! As long as you are faithful, then I will be okay!" Jean broke down hysterically.

She had been so loud that her screams had reached even the cleaning staff in the vicinity. Their heads turned to them as they passed by while Zed just stood, awkward and unsure of what to do next.

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