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   Chapter 915 You Are A Whore

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7796

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Julie wrote a comment under the pictures she had posted, "Don't misunderstand me. He is not my boyfriend. That handsome man is my boss."

Jean was even more uncomfortable. As far as Jean was concerned, she had done it deliberately with the sole intention of showing off.

'She is definitely into Zed, ' thought Jean. She was very certain about her deduction. She clenched her teeth and shut the phone screen.

She walked out of the bathroom. On her way back to the VIP seats, she found that Zed was back and Julie was sitting right next to him. They sat so close that their thighs touched each other's. Julie even had the audacity to put one of her hands on his shoulder. She was whispering something in his ear.

Observing how close they appeared to be, Jean couldn't keep her temper under control.

She walked towards them, pushed Julie away and slapped her in one swift motion.

"You are so shameless!" Jean yelled.

"What? What on earth is wrong with you?" Julie decided to keep calm and stay silent towards Jean. She placed her palm on her reddened cheek and stared at Jean dubiously.

"Jean, why are you doing this?" Zed asked, grabbing her arm in order to save Julie from another merciless strike.

Since the music was being played loudly, Jean used all the strength she could muster to yell out, "Really? You don't understand anything. Do you? You are only going to confess once I catch you two together, right?"

Zed suddenly realized what was going on in her head and what the cause of her explosive reaction was.

"Jean, I'm afraid you've misunderstood us. There is absolutely nothing going on between Julie and me," Zed explained firmly.

Witnessing this spat, the other employees began whispering to each other.

Julie was embarrassed and humiliated. Feeling a pang of hurt deep inside her, Julie held her cheek and ran out of the bar, weeping.

"Hey! You can't just walk out! We are not done!" Jean followed her and ran out of the bar too.

Zed was quick to reckon that they both couldn't be left alone. He too sprang into action and followed the duo.

By the time Jean walked out of the bar, Julie had already gotten into a taxi and left.

Jean was burning in rage. She yelled in the direction the taxi left, "You are a shameless whore! You will go to hell for seducing my husband!"


of your magnanimous favors. I just need an open and public apology. Don't you think it was inappropriate of your wife to falsely accuse me?"

Zed frowned. He gave her a stern look and replied, "To be frank with you, my wife is not completely healthy. She has been suffering for depression since a while now. I really hope you can understand my situation. She can't do what you just asked for."

"What? I didn't know she was..." Julie's words trailed, as her mind wandered in confusion and shock. She was very surprised. She suddenly felt sorry for Jean and Zed. She continued, "I hear people with depression are prone to pick up on assumptions and to overthink. Okay. She already is going through a hard time. I can't be the evil person who makes her life even more miserable. I am okay then. You don't have to give me a break. I will go back to work,"

said Julie. She got up in order to leave.

However, Zed stopped her. "Please wait!" said Zed. He didn't really know how to make this easier. He hesitated and looked a little embarrassed as he continued, "Please take a break! I insist!"

"Why is that?" she asked, curious about his underlying intention. Julie looked at him and tried to figure out an answer from his face. Suddenly, she realized, "It's your wife's decision, isn't it?"

Zed nodded. Julie's face turned red in an instant.

She asked fearfully, "Are you going to fire me?"

"Oh, no! It's just going to be a short-term arrangement. I will let you know when my wife feels better," Zed explained with a satisfactory smile.

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