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   Chapter 914 Suspicion

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The smile on Zed's face disappeared. "It's okay. I'm going back to work. You can go now," Zed said blandly.

"Well, fine," said Julie. Then she left the office and closed the door behind her.

As she left, Julie pouted disappointingly. "Did I say something wrong? How could he find a scrawny woman like Jean attractive? Nothing is alluring on her when he touches her," Julie muttered to herself.

Julie wondered why Zed doted on Jean, especially since she was in bad shape and off-color. She couldn't help but feel jealous of Jean at that moment.

As for Julie, she had dated many different men over the years. However, she had never met a man as gentle as Zed before.

'If only I could get a boyfriend as gentle as him! It would be ideal if he was as handsome and as rich, just like Zed.

Perhaps I need to date more men to find myself a desirable boyfriend. I don't want to wind up on my own for the rest of my life, ' Julie thought fantasizing. The thought of that inspired her. Julie went into one of the vacant rooms and sprawled out provocatively on the bed and undid the first two buttons of her shirt. She then took a couple of photos of herself in various poses on her mobile phone.

After retouching her favorite photo, she uploaded it to her Wechat Moments.

It didn't take long before Julie started receiving many messages and offers to go out on a date from her Wechat account.

"Humph! None of you are my cup of tea. It seems that I need some new blood on my Wechat," Julie said to herself as she scrolled through the messages. She put her mobile phone away and walked out of the room feeling querulous.

Two weeks later, the hotel began to pick up, and Julie had fulfilled her promise. All the rumors of ghosts were quashed, and more and more tourists chose to stay at the hotel. The hotel's performance had been greatly improved in a short period of time.

Zed had his reservations at the beginning about her capabilities. However, he was surprised to find that everything was going to plan just as Julie said that it would. He believed that there must be more than meets the eye with this mysterious woman.

While Jean was tidying up at home, she suddenly got a message from Julie.

The message read, "As you know,

a little as she felt Julie's breasts pressed up against her and found that Julie had a beautiful figure.

After they had all been seated, Jean looked around and noticed that most of the staff were young women.

"What would you like to drink?" Zed asked as he stretched out his hand to hold Jean.

"A cocktail, please," Jean said.

"Okay, I'll just order it for you," Zed said. Then he beckoned to the waiter and ordered a cocktail for Jean.

After a short while, Julie invited several colleagues to the dance floor. Jean glanced at them from time to time and felt inferior again which made her become quite upset.

Feeling awkward and self-conscious, Jean swallowed the cocktail in one gulp. Then immediately afterward, she felt her cheeks burning and stomach heaving.

"Zed, I..." Zed was preoccupied and flashed his mobile at her before she had a chance to finish and said, "I need to take this call. I'll be right back."

Then he left without waiting for Jean to respond.

Jean felt very sick at that moment. She thought it was the cocktail that had upset her stomach. So she quickly stood up and strode to the ladies' room. Once she got there, she felt somewhat better because she was away from the noise and activity.

She decided to stay there for a while, away from everyone. Then Jean pulled out her cell phone and started to check updates on the Wechat Moments. She saw new photos uploaded by Julie, one where Zed's handsome profile could be seen and the back of Jean's head.

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