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   Chapter 913 The Exception

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10258

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"Well, you know, Julie has a very great personality. Besides that, she is pretty and well-shaped. Given all her qualities, I'm certain that a lot of men are dreaming to be with her," Jean casually said. As she was speaking, she took a quick glance at Zed by the corner of her eyes to see how he was going to react with what she just said.

However, she wasn't able to gain any reaction besides a poker face. "She is okay," Zed replied cheaply. Lifting her legs up from the basin, Zed continued, "All right, I am going to pour the water, while you take some rest."

As soon as Zed left, Jean could not help but drown in worry.

She heaved a deep sigh before putting on her slippers and walked towards the bathroom, making sure to close the door behind her. She stood in front of the mirror and took a good look at herself. She knew that she wasn't on her best self. Then again, as she placed her hands on both of her sides and saw how skinny and pale she was, she realized that it was clear how this was not her best.

"Is this how Zed sees me every day? If so, I look awful…" Jean mumbled to herself. Then, she placed her hands on both sides of her pale face and wondered how long it had been since the last time she dressed herself up nicely. It had been quite a while now since she locked herself in the house and tortured both of them.

Once more, Jean heaved another deep sigh before she walked out of the bathroom. As she closed the door behind her, she saw Zed right next to the window with a phone on his hand. He was so focused on his phone that he didn't even acknowledge Jean as she came out of the bathroom. Her eyebrows furrowed into a frown, which Zed did not notice as well. She sighed and walked towards the bed, then she lay down at her side with her back facing Zed. A lot of thoughts filled her mind, and as she drifted to slumber, all she could think about was how Zed let her sleep with a heavy heart.

As the sun shone from the window the next morning, Jean fluttered her eyes and opened them slowly. Out of habit, she turned and reached out her hand to try to touch the man, who slept right next to her. However, he was gone like yesterday.

Jean slowly sat up, lingering her eyes on the empty space beside her for a moment. She landed her eyes on the bedside table where a note was placed on top of it.

She didn't reach for the note because she already knew what was in it. Instead, she could not help but sigh. She turned towards her side of the bed and reached for her phone before lying down once more. She opened WeChat to pass the time. As she continued to scroll down on her WeChat Moments, Julie's new post appeared. Jean lingered on the post.

"A new day, a new start! Let's go!" The post read, which was followed by a very sexy selfie.

As Jean stared at the picture and started to feel insecure, a new thumb up appeared below it. Her eyes widened in surprise after seeing Zed's name.

Jean's mind turned completely blank.

She knew that Zed was never a fan of WeChat, so she couldn't believe that he actually had time

ged her figure very well and showed only enough amount of skin. For any ordinary man, she looked very attractive in her business outfit.

"Hmm, not bad," Zed said casually. He then returned his gaze on the report in his hands, trying to find out what were needed to be prioritized on.

Julie frowned, feeling a little disappointed by the lack of attention. Leaning forward, she hunched over the table, stretched out her hands, and covered the report. She gave a slight pout, and with a grumpy tone, she said, "Can you at least be a little more serious and take a good look at me? How is the dress? It was made just for me, so I spent quite a fortune on it!"

Zed looked up again without any reaction. Spinning the pen on his hand, he glanced at her and said, "Are you really sure that you want to know my opinion?"

"Of course!" Julie said with a nod.

Zed looked at her as she was hunched down and leaning forward on the table. From his angle, he could easily see her cleavage. He quickly looked away and stood up awkwardly.

"The dress is too short and too small for you. That's not your size, and it doesn't look right. There is also no need for you to pick up a smaller size just to show off your waist, because it would make you very uncomfortable while working," Zed criticized, pointing out her conning directly.

Julie stood up straight and looked down on her dress before she turned to Zed and explained, "Oh, well, after they finished all the work in the hotel, a lot of rich men are going to come. Even if it is uncomfortable, I will have to endure and deal with it, because men all love women dressed like this. I am just doing it for the business." She shrugged.

Slightly smiling, Zed replied, "Not all men."

"Right! You are an exception. I wonder why you only like bony and skinny women. You are really weird…" As soon as she said that, Julie realized that what she said was wrong. Feeling awkward, she swallowed a bile down her throat and added, "I'm sorry. I did not mean that. Please, forget I said anything."

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