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   Chapter 911 My Wife Is Waiting For Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 6478

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Julie sneaked a peek at the man's face as she was talking to him. She was a little nervous.

Zed was the best and the only choice she had.

She had talked to every other competitor, some of whom were willing to cooperate with her, but none of them had agreed to offer her the job because they couldn't trust her as the saleswoman of the auction. Every time, she had ended up in a disagreement with each of them.

If she could just work this out with Zed, it would be amazing.

"If I cooperate with you, how much would I profit from the deal? I must know whether this trade is worth it. After all, if this sort of a thing goes public... You know what I mean," Zed said as he tapped on the table with a steady rhythm.

"All right. I will do the math for you." Julie turned on the calculator on her phone and began working on the numbers.

By the time they had finished their discussion, it was pretty late. Zed got into his car and was about to drive away when Julie tapped on the window.

"Anything else?" Zed lowered the window and asked.

Julie felt offended. She frowned and bent down to look through the window. "As a gentleman, shouldn't you offer me a ride home? We are partners now. Be nice, and I might get inclined to do more for you."

Zed smiled. "I suppose I have to do a lot more before you are willing to help me. Forgive me for not being a gentleman tonight. My wife is waiting for me. See you later."

The window rolled up slowly.

Julie watched as the car disappeared into the traffic. She was a bit unhappy. 'Already married, huh? But he is so young! Such a pity. All the good men are taken.'

She heaved a sigh and walked to the sidewalk to call a taxi.

When Zed arrived home, it was dark inside, except for the small light between the yard and the living room. He took off his shoes and entered the bedroom making as little noise as possible. Jean was fast asleep.

"Jean..." he whisp

and hesitated before saying, "My partner will be joining us. Do you mind?" His voice was doubtful as he tried to figure out Jean's mood.

"Not at all. Sounds good. I am out shopping right now. Send me your location." Jean hung up after saying bye to him.

She received his message almost immediately. And what a coincidence! They were at the same mall.

She headed towards Zed's location and soon found him. To her surprise, standing beside Zed was an enchanting woman with long, shiny hair. They were talking about something very seriously, and looked more like a couple from the distance.

Jean felt uncomfortable. Displeasing thoughts crossed her mind.

"Zed." Jean walked towards them.

The two turned around simultaneously and Julie stepped back from Zed unconsciously, which annoyed Jean even more.

Julie was acting as if she hadn't realized that she had been too close to Zed until Jean had showed up.

"Jean!" Zed called and hugged her tight. "What did you buy?"

"Just some clothes." She shook the bag in her hand with a smile.

Julie discreetly sized up Jean. A disdainful look appeared on her face. 'I thought Zed's wife would probably be a charming woman. But this one is skinny and looks sick. She's nothing compared to me, ' Julie thought with a sneer.

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