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   Chapter 910 The Cunning Woman

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7500

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Zed eagerly drove to the Sirri Hotel. Once he arrived, he immediately began to inspect it inch by inch.

Perhaps it was due to the upcoming auction of the hotel that made all the staff perfunctory toward the guests. They just sat there or dawdled around without enthusiasm.

Zed became even more interested in the hotel after he looked through it. He then made his way to the auction center.

Once Zed had entered the auction center, a curly-haired woman with red lipstick who handled the auction deposit kept her gaze on him.

"What can I do for you, sir?" Julie asked with a soft smile.

"I'd like to participate in the auction of the Sirri Hotel next Monday," said Zed as he removed his passport.

"Certainly sir. However, I must warn you there will be many bidders on this property," Julie said as a word of caution while she checked his passport. She glanced at his details and found that they were the same age.

Then Julie sized Zed up with doubt and asked, "Can you tell me how much you plan to bid for the hotel? We have a rule that people who can only offer a low price are ineligible to participate in the auction."

Zed was a little taken aback and surprised by what she said. He had never heard of such a rule at the auction houses before. However, he thought perhaps the rules were slightly different in the foreign parts. So he said casually, "Ten million."

Julie's eyes suddenly brightened at Zed's offer. She nodded slightly and asked with an impressed tone in her voice, "Wow. Do you work for an investment company?"

"Not really," Zed mumbled absentmindedly. He was preoccupied with filling out the form.

There was no sign that Zed was worried about the competition in the auction at all. He thought the other people wouldn't bid very high due to the current condition of the hotel.

Upon seeing Zed signing his name, Julie chuckled and said, "Actually I know some companies as well. Would you be interested?"

Zed looked up at her and said, "Really? What are your sources?"

"Well, well, well, you got it," Julie said as she shrugged her shoulders. She glanced out of the corner of her eye and noticed one of her colleagues walking over to them, so she tipped Zed a wink to end the conversa

nce I was young. Perhaps I should have a chat with it and ask it to make more disturbances so that most of the contenders would be put off bidding for the hotel. Therefore someone, like you, would get it at a rather low price."

"Ha-ha! That's interesting. But who would be silly enough to buy a haunted hotel if they can't get any guests? A low price means nothing if the hotel is hard-pressed to make a profit," Zed stated.

His opinion of Julie was different now that he had spoken with her for a little while.

"Don't worry about that. I can fix it. However, I do have some requirements." Julie smiled and continued, "First, I get half the money that will be saved. Second, I get to work in your hotel as the executive housekeeper. You can rest assured that I won't demand an exorbitant wage. Just pay me the standard from then.   I can promise you that I'll be able to turn the haunted news into a lucrative one."

"Executive housekeeper? Isn't it enough for you to get fifty percent of the money saved? Why do you still want to work in the hotel?" Zed was a little bit confused.

"Well..." Julie reapplied her lipstick again and rolled her eyes. "Well, it's personal," she answered faintly.

Zed took a sip of the coffee as he contemplated Julie's proposition.

"I have set out all the pros and cons of the deal in front of you. You can take it or leave it." She waved her mobile phone in front of Zed and continued, "Let me remind you again. I have many other choices."

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