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   Chapter 909 You Are The One To Blame

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Before Zed could respond, the doctor grabbed him by the elbow and dragged him forcefully out of the ward.

Then, he turned to Zed, his face seemingly concerned. "She feels immense grief and pain right now," he said in a cautious tone. "It can be difficult for a person in her condition to accept such a loss. You have to give her more time to calm down. Please be patient."

"But she doesn't eat anything at the moment. I'm really fearful about her health if she continues to keep up this way," Zed replied.

"Mr. Qi, haven't you noticed that Mrs. Qi has accepted our IV therapy without any hesitation? It's a good news to all of us. Trust me, we'll provide her ample nutrition to keep her healthy. And, we'll arrange our best psychotherapist to treat her," the doctor said calmly, in a vague attempt to comfort Zed.

"Alright! I'll leave her alone for a while and wait outside the ward. Thank you, doctor," Zed said, exhaling deeply.

As a few days passed, Jean still refused to eat and drink. She had visibly lost a lot of weight and appeared skinny now. But the positive aspect regarding her was that her mental condition had improved considerably, comparing to her condition at the beginning. It could mainly be attributed to the frequent interaction with the psychotherapist.

Today, she even agreed to get out of the room and take a stroll with Zed.

The weather was pleasant as autumn had just arrived. The wind kept blowing lazily through her hair. The trees around her were lethargically shedding off their leaves in red, yellow and orange. Jean had been in the city for many days but this was the first time she was actually noticing its scenic beauty.

Walking along the road, many ominous thoughts kept disturbing her mind. She decided to hold on to Zed's arm tightly.

"Let's go there and have a look, shall we?" Zed carefully took her hand and led her to a snack street. In his heart, he wanted to find the delicious dishes that could interest Jean. Delicious dishes just might arouse her appetite.

On the street, there were all kinds of food shops. They all looked really yummy. The fragrance of freshly baked and fried dishes felt irresistible to Jean.

She stopped at a cake shop and fixated her eyes on a displayed cake.

Zed instantly noticed that Jean had an eye for it. He said, "Honey, you know, I'm hungry right now. Could we go and have some food? Look, that cake looks delicious."

Uttering that, Zed took Jean's hand and walked towards the shop. A waiter served them the cake they had ordered without a significant delay. The cake with cream cheese frosting looked so delicious.

Jean picked up the spoon, and scooped up a small piece of cake and pushed it into her mouth gently.

Zed felt really happy to see Jean eat something. He thought to himself, 'Finally, she has decided to eat something.'


Zed's phone rang.

He took

n't know what to do. He squatted by her side, gently tapping on her back to ameliorate the situation. It was all being way too much for Zed to bear.

After a long while, her crying faded slowly. Jean was exhausted now, letting Zed hold her on his arms on their way to the hospital.

As time flew by, she gained tremendous improvement in both her mental and physical condition. Jean was allowed to be discharged from the hospital after a fortnight. She hadn't let the lingering thoughts about the baby fade away yet but she was much better now.

To avoid her thinking of the baby all the time, Zed decided to stay in this city and bought a small house here for them to stay. He thought Jean's attention might be distracted in this new home, with a fresh start.

"The auction of Sirri Hotel will be held next Tuesday..." The news on the TV screen attracted Zed's attention.

Then he swiftly took out his tablet, scrolling the information on the internet. He said as he fixed his eyes on the tablet screen, "The hotel location is good but it's decoration is unsatisfactory. So the occupancy rate is a bit low."

Jean raised her eyes from her book. She stole a glance at the TV screen, then moved her gaze to Zed and asked, "Are you interested?"

Zed nodded, "Right, and I want to have a look. Can you go with me?"

Jean shook her head, saying, "I'd prefer to stay at home."

"Is that okay? I mean you being left alone," Zed asked with concern.

"Oh dear me, I ain't a child. Just go wherever you want," Jean retorted nonchalantly.

After hearing Jean's words, Zed swiftly got up from the couch, throwing his coat to his arm. Jean was a bit shocked and asked curiously, "You're going now?"

"Yes, the auction will be held next week. I have to do some work beforehand. If it's worth the investment, I shall decide to pay the bid deposit," Zed explained.

Jean said with a nod, "Okay, I see, just go and take care!"

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