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   Chapter 907 Save The Mother Or The Child

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7609

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Simon approached slowly at an agonizing pace. Tears trailed down his cheeks. "Sara, why? Why are you doing this? Why didn't you talk to me at all if you hated me doing business? Aren't you afraid at all? That I'll leave you and world with regrets because of what you've done to Sky International and not to mention, the whole Qi family?" Simon asked, apparently on a roll.

"I'm not keen on the idea of you going into business. That's true enough. But since I did promise to support you from the start, I wouldn't dare go back on my word. I'm just...really mad at you. You're sick, you know that right? Instead of focusing on getting better, you'd rather get worried about the business. It's driving me crazy. Is money really the most important thing? More than your life?" Sara spoke to Simon, choking back sobs.

"So you resorted to this just to make me feel bad?" Simon looked deep into Sara's eyes as he asked.

"Uncle Simon, Aunt Sara did all of this to invoke your desire to survive. She knew you had a strong attachment to the company. She thought you might live longer because you worried about it. Yes, she was going on a hunch, but as you can see, it worked. You outlived whatever the doctor had predicted,"

Zed coolly explained to Simon.

"Well, that's the thing, Dad. My mentor sent me patented medicine he just developed. As long as you live a healthy lifestyle and keep a positive mood, three or five more years won't be a problem for you,"

Kirk added.

"Sara, Kirk…"

Simon couldn't help but cry as he embraced his wife and son. He was trembling.

Zed and Jean who watched also started to tear up.

It was unbearable for Zed to witness this. So he got Jean's hand and led her out of the room. When they were out the door, he let out a sigh and said, "Jean, now we know the truth. Who would've thought that Aunt Sara would use Sky International just to make Uncle Simon live a few years longer?"

"That means Sky International no longer belongs to the Qi family. Is that true?" Jean asked visibly bothered.

"Yes. Aunt Sara sold off the majority share of Sky International and donated all the money to various charities in hopes that it would help those who really need it. And when I did find out where the money went, I realized th

oday?" Zed asked as soon as he saw his father.

"The doctor said it's totally normal to be confined the week before her due date. Don't worry, okay? Jean's in the delivery room," Sean tried in vain to comfort Zed as they rushed to the delivery room.

They ran and were panting and sweating bullets, only to find the door was still closed.

After a while, a nurse walked out the door and asked, "Who's her family?"

"I'm her husband. Is everything okay? Is my wife doing okay?" Zed asked anxiously.

"Please, follow me," The nurse said to Zed without saying anything else.

Jade stood aside and felt that something was wrong. She whispered to Sean, "I'm going to go and see what happens. Stay here."

She kept her pace with Zed and the nurse.

At the nurse station, the nurse took out a clipboard with a risk agreement and told Zed, "The puerpera had a massive hemorrhage and is in imminent danger. You have to choose whether to save the mother or the baby if complications arise."

Zed's face drained of all color and was pale as a ghost. "Why?" he asked.

Jade grabbed the clipboard and read through the agreement. "Keep the child, I beg you. We choose the child."

"No!" Zed shouted as he glared at Jade.

"Tell me please. Time is of the essence. Mother or child?" the nurse asked again to confirm.



Jade and Zed said different answers in unison.

"You need to make a decision now. There's no time to hesitate," the nursed barked as she handed them the pen.

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