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   Chapter 906 The Truth

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Jean was glad that Zed was feeling much better. She exhaled a sigh of relief and said, "Zed, it looks like you care about Uncle Simon a lot. Like, a lot."

Jean thought Zed was even more upset than Kirk was when he found out that Simon didn't have that much time left.

The last time Zack told Zed that Simon's words sounded like last words, he got so upset and berated Zack.

This time, Jean felt that she didn't have a choice but to bring it up. Zed made a face.

Luckily, Jean knew that Sean was her father-in-law or she would end up thinking Simon was Zed's father.

Now that Jean had thought about it over carefully, she realized she slightly understood Zed's strange behavior.

The Qi family wasn't huge. Simon was way friendlier and more approachable than Sean ever was. Zed probably spent more time with Simon than he did with his own father growing up.

Zed remained silent for a moment, then he finally said in hushed tones, "I wasn't exactly the best kid. Every time I did something, I blamed it on Kirk. My father didn't have time for such behavior. He would get mad at me and punish me so bad. Uncle Simon was the only one who defended me. He was even able to stop my father. Since then, I've been closer to Uncle Simon than I was with my father.

When I was old enough to leave home, no matter how busy he was, Uncle Simon would call me every week and ask how I was. He called me as many times as he did with Kirk. Ever since I could remember, he's treated me like his own son..."

Zed sobbed as sadness and bitterness filled his eyes.

Uncle Simon was such a good person and he wasn't going to be around for very long.

Jean didn't expect that there would be such an emotional story behind it. Children were naturally naive. They just liked people who treated them well and they remembered that. When they grew up, they returned the goodness back to them.

And Simon didn't just treat Zed well. He treated him like his own son.

He gave Sky International to Zed without hesitating.

"Uncle Simon knows your kindness to him, and he told you those words because he didn't want to make things difficult for you. Zed, we're all ju

e honest. All those years, he kept on choosing that company over me. So I'm going to destroy it and make him suffer till his death,"

Sara spat.

This was the first time that Jean had heard of this story. She asked, "Is that true? There were rumors that you were sleeping with another man and that you wanted to elope and use the Sky International money."

"That's not true. I'm only with Simon. He's the only man I've ever been with!" Sara yelled.

"What about the kidnapping?"

Jean asked.

"I planned it," Sara said simply. Suddenly, she lowered her head. "I did it because I didn't want Zed to get involved with the company. I knew that if he did, I wouldn't ever be able to destroy Sky International. I didn't mean to harm you. I just wanted to scare Zed away from the company," Sara explained.

"But how? How did you do all of that by yourself?" Jean asked.

"Ha. All those years spent married to Simon, I didn't just sit around and make small talk with his partners' wives. I built my connections. It wasn't hard because I had money," Sara said spitefully.

"Okay, so you worked hard on it. Why are you telling me this right now?" Jean asked, confused.

"I'm not dumb. You don't have to pretend anymore. My son got married today! I'm in a good mood! Let's talk it out!" Sara said, glancing at the doorway.

Sara read her. Jean's face reddened in shame. She walked towards the side.

Simon, Kirk and Zed walked in.

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