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   Chapter 905 You Had The Answer

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8325

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"I told him..." said Simon. He looked at Jean sighing, then continued, "I said 'Don't worry about me. Do what you think is right!'"

"Really? But you looked so surprised when I asked you the question earlier. I thought you gave it a thought!"

said Jean honestly.

"Indeed, I never really think about it. But after all the happenings, it was almost as if she decided to betray our family. Even though I feel sorry for what I have done to her, I will not allow her to harm Sky International. Jean, you might think I am very cold-blooded to give up my wife for such a down-falling business. But you don't know how painful it was for me when I heard that she planned her people into the business.

She sold the stocks and cashed everything behind my back. But it's my fault. I shouldn't have hoped that she would ever come to me.

Now, I am so sick of it all. I cannot fix the mistakes I have made in the past. Zed can help me do that. The only thing I can give him is my support. And after talking to you today, the guilt I've been feeling for so many years seems to be receding. Thank you so much, Jean. Without you, I might still have been crushing under my own smothering thoughts," said Simon, pouring his heart out.

He eyed her sincerely. His face had a look only a confessing man would have.

Jean stared back, still stunned. After a while, she responded, "If Aunt Sara finds out about this, she would kill me."

At that, she let out a wry smile. Simon nodded his head and comforted her, "You need to be very careful during this tough time. Stay in the Qi family house. You will be safe there."

"Okay," agreed Jean. She didn't have much choice at this point.

Simon wanted to comfort her, but there was only so much he could do. Words were pale, and promises were meaningless. He refrained himself from saying anything further. He held Jean's hand and patted it before he turned and walked away.

Looking at his figure slowly receding in the distance, she felt a sudden sadness come over her.

Simon was the person who had borne the brunt of most suffering.

Even though he claimed he wasn't afraid of death, the fear of dying was not something he could control. He was only human, after all.

The worst part was his wife was ruining things he had built over a lifetime. The pain he was bearing was out of Jean's imagination.

Jean was one of the two people who knew about what had happened between Simon and Sara.

Besides Jean, Benjamin was the o

t sure if Simon had truly meant what he had said

Zed smiled wryly. He looked at Jean's concerned face and apologized, "I am sorry for yelling at you. I was just really worried. I know you meant well. I just don't like anyone mentioning anything about Uncle Simon's health and he..."

Zed couldn't even finish his sentence. His voice choked with overwhelming emotion.

"I understand," said Jean. She looked at him warmly and continued, "There is no need to apologize. Don't worry about me. I don't mind. You shouldn't worry about Uncle Simon too. He already told you to do the right thing."

"Okay," said Zed. He looked at Jean and continued, "This can't be the only thing you and Uncle Simon talked about, is it?"

For a moment her heart skipped a beat at his question. But then a smile appeared on her face. She responded, "Zed, how well do you think I know Uncle Simon?

Do you really think we are good enough to talk about families? Or you actually believe I am just really great with people that I can talk to anyone about anything."

Jean's question made Zed feel embarrassed and guilty for presuming things. Making up for it, he said, "I know you don't know Uncle Simon very well, but for my sake, I'm sure he would love to know you better..."

Looking at him with a surprised expression, Jean thought about what had happened earlier today with Simon. Smiling, she replied, "That's true. If you weren't my husband, Uncle Simon probably wouldn't even take a second look at me..."

Jean started to joke around with Zed. He felt much better. His long face became normal again as a smile cracked across his lips like morning sun across clouds.

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