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   Chapter 904 No Longer A Fool

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9901

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Jean knew better than anyone that these people wouldn't even get one step close to defaming Zed. Zed would never let them. But if worse came to worse, she had no doubt that she would choose to trust him. She trusted him, and that was what mattered. But she wouldn't simply forgive him. She would try her best to get to the bottom of the truth before making any decisions. She was kind, but she was no pushover. She won't let anyone just walk all over her without fighting back, especially for something that was hers in the first place.

She refused to be like Sara. She won't sink down and wallow into her sadness. She would never get drunk on alcohol and self-pity while blaming everything on everyone else. A woman had got to do what a woman had got to do. Jean was better than that. She would keep her dignity and leave no space for anybody to get between her and Zed.

After everything had happened, Simon was still trying to protect Sara.

If Sara had believed in him, they would never have ended up like this.

Trust was the foundation of any marriage. Without it, everything would crumble. As long as a couple trusted each other and protected each other's confidence, they would be able to surpass anything.

Jean couldn't understand the reason why Sara decided to do what she did.

Pain is poisonous. The moment it takes root, there would be nothing but thorns—a slow growth that bears only hideous fruits. Perhaps her pain had possessed her. Eventually, even love could not withstand her despair and withered.

They were unfaithful to each other. Sara might have felt that there was no longer any reason to continue in a marriage that had now become a prison. Any woman would want what was the best for herself.

As far as Jean had known about Sara's personality, Sara should've wanted to leave the Qi family behind and start anew.

However, she didn't. How could she, when she had Kirk? Even if she was no longer truly a wife, she was still a mother, and her son was the only comfort there was left for her.

"Jean, I have carried this with me for so long. You are the first person to ever hear this," Simon took a deep breath, as if he was letting go of a burden. "I feel much better now. There were many times that I had asked myself if I had made the right choice, but I know deep down… Even if I had a second chance, I would have still made the same decision. Regrets would no longer do me any good. I would just have to learn from the past and move on," Simon said.

He looked at Jean with a smile.

Jean returned it with a small smile of her own. "Uncle Simon, you are the one of the wisest people I know, and I think you know what would be for the best. You said that you're wondering whether you made the right decision, but that moment, you just did what you had to do. Isn't that right?" Jean said. Her smile widened as she continued, "You and my father-in-law are the sons of grandpa. Grandpa is a conscientious and honest


If Zed didn't do it right, he might be blamed by the entire family. Kirk might hate him too.

If Jean knew what Simon was thinking, she might be able to help Zed.

A long stretch of silence passed without a word being spoken between the two of them. Simon merely looked at Jean, his face betraying his surprise at her question.

It was clear that he had never thought about it until now, and Jean's question had put him on edge.

Simon wanted to support Zed in any way that he could, so that he would be able to manage the company well.

"Jean, what do you think?" Simon responded with a question of his own.

He thought it best to know her opinion first before he said anything.

There was definitely no question about Jean's loyalty. She asked him such a tough question for Zed.

A part of him wanted to give her a hard time to see what she would do, but another part of him was simply curious about what she thought.

Simon already knew what his answer was. But he wanted to hear Jean's first.

Jean had not expected Simon to throw the question back to her. She was stunned and speechless for a moment, but she soon recovered and responded with a smile. "Uncle Simon, This question is really difficult, and I don't think I am in any position to say anything. I just want to help Zed. That's why I asked you," she confessed.

Jean bared her thoughts open to Simon. The older man was surprised at her answer. Smiling, he said, "Alright. I already told Zed my answer. If you really want to know, you should ask him about it."

Jean's mouth dropped open as she began to piece everything together. "Uncle Simon, you just didn't want to tell me, did you?" she asked.

"That's not true. I already gave my answer to Zed. I was just afraid he wouldn't think it through. I told him when he was with Zack,"

Simon said to Jean.

Jean was left in shock once more. She looked at him with wide eyes and asked, "Uncle Simon, what did you say to Zed?"

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