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   Chapter 903 How It All Began

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 12042

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Focusing her attention entirely on Simon, Jean listened to him carefully. As Simon told her everything about Sky International, its background and its history, all this not to show off his works and achievements but to tell her how he and Sara really loved each other before, and how their love had gradually come to an end.

For the most part, it was clear that the company had something to do with their serious falling out.

Regret somehow filled Jean's heart as she looked at Simon. She was careful not to show any emotion that might come out wrong for him.

As for Simon, his face was completely written with sadness as he reminisced. He continued, "The company then had grown bigger and bigger, and although I had Zed's father to lessen the load, there was still lots of burden left on me. I was convinced that I knew what I had to do to keep the company stronger and to keep it from falling apart, and that was to spare no time for efforts. I spent all of my time making sure that this company would continue to stand tall. Father did not like that I spent little to no time on my family, after seeing how much Sara and Kirk suffered.

Then again, I turned a blind eye, thinking that Sara was supportive, and that she would continue to do so from beginning to the end, because that was what she did when I founded the company. She kept encouraging me and had been someone to share these accomplishments and successes with me and someone who had been a shoulder to cry on as well when times were rough. I was really convinced that what I was doing back then was the right thing to do, even though I was already sacrificing my time for my family, because after all, all I did was for them. It was all to give Sara and Kirk a better life. Of course, in the end, I was wrong. Apparently, women who stay at home while their husbands work outside are easy to get irritated, especially when they have nothing better to do but to wait. Unfortunately, rumors about me stabbed her like rain and drowned her like flood."

Jean's eyes widened in surprise at Simon's words.

'Is there really such kind of rumor that can separate a couple who deeply loved each other?

The rumor must have been really strong enough then to make them suffer and break whatever relationship they had built together, ' Jean thought.

She was full of questions that needed to be popped, but she waited and listened to Simon patiently, showing him that she could be a listening ear.

Simon heaved a deep sigh and lowered his eyes. As he recalled and opened that wound in the past, regret and sadness soon were evident on his face. He took his time and not long after, he raised his head and looked as far as his eyes could take him. "As the company grew stronger and bigger, the more it caught attention especially to the competitors. Moreover, I was not good at getting along with other people, so I had many enemies. Enemies that weren't hesitant and were the kind of people who would go as far as to use dirty and unconventional ways to knock me down. I kept my firm hold and didn't let them, until..."

Simon paused and lowered his head again, feeling the pain that he had felt on that very moment in the past.

Jean stared and listened at him even closer. She knew that what Simon was about to say next was the key to the whole thing. It would explain the very start of their falling out of love for each other.

"I tried my best. I did. I was cautious of my every movement, so that I wouldn't give them any chances, but eventually, they still got me no matter how much caution I placed on my every step and move.

and I would have remained stable. Then again, if I had the chance to turn back time, I would still make the same choice, and I still won't regret doing it."

Simon heaved another deep sigh as he seemed to be comforting himself. He sounded determined, making Jean know that he was finished.

Jean nodded slowly and stepped closer to Simon. "Uncle Simon, after hearing all that had happened, I believe that you were really doing the right thing, not just for you, but for your family as well."

Simon's eyes widened in surprise, not expecting Jean to say something like that. He looked at Jean with delight flashed on his face. With a hopeful look like a child looking forward to candy, he asked, "Really?"

Without hesitation, Jean nodded and replied with a determined voice, "Of course, Uncle Simon." She smiled at him back and continued, "Things don't always go well, and sometimes, they turn out the way we wanted it to be, but Uncle Simon, you had and still have faith. That's why it was no wonder that you could build the empire such that as Sky International. No matter how tough or difficult the situation was, you still remembered where you started and what you believed in. You kept to them and was determined to stand tall with your principles, and I believe that is what really matters.

You and Aunt Sara loved each other, but you also had Grandpa Benjamin and other issues that needed to be considered, so your relationship was meant to be filled with twists and turns. It was just a pity that you two didn't make it out together,"

Jean said, feeling sorry for Simon.

Simon just looked at her back and gave her a weak smile. As for Jean, it wasn't until now that she finally understood why Simon acted that way around Sara and why he sighed again and again every time he mentioned his relationship with Sara.

She then remembered how Simon had started to tell her all about this. It was because a while ago she mentioned that Zed was her husband, and that as his wife, she would believe nobody else but him.

It was because of those words that made Simon remember this memory and drove him into telling her about the whole story.

If Sara had chosen to trust Simon as Jean did with Zed, would things turn out differently?

'If it was Zed instead of Simon that was framed up for, how would I react?' Jean wondered.

At that moment, Jean knew the answer immediately.

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