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   Chapter 900 You Think You Are With Good Reason

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7553

Updated: 2019-08-10 00:12

Zed's unexpected presence in Sky International caught Sara unprepared. It was too late for her to clean up the evidence.

What was worse, Simon knew about what she did.

'God damn it. Don't these people know about Simon's health?

News like these could kill him, ' Sara thought.

She knew that Simon might be gone soon but she had no intention of making things ugly. They were a couple, after all.

This was why she allowed Simon to blame her just now. She did not even dare defend herself against the accusations he threw at her.

As soon as she left, though, she caught a glimpse of Jade and Jean talking. Possibly, they were plotting something or speaking ill of her. Nothing good ever came from their mouths. The sight made her very angry. Unable to control herself, she marched towards them to find out what they were up to.

It was all Zed's fault, in her opinion. He was the reason why all the troubles were happening. Still, she knew she could not just tell it to his face. These two women were all she got to take her revenge.

She expected Jade and Jean to start arguing with her when provoked, but she soon realized that they seemed to have expected it and were determined not to fall into her trap.

What Jade said really pissed Sara off.

"Don't you know who I am? I am your sister-in-law! I am her aunt-in-law! Remember that!" she said tensely, glaring at Jade.

"So you know who you are. That's good. But look at you! Are you acting the way you should act? I am warning you, Sara. In two days, Kirk and Elizabeth are getting married. If you mess things up before that, then don't blame us for what we are to do,"

Jade said coldly.

"What do you mean?" Sara asked as her face darkened.

"What my mom wants to say is that, if Aunt Sara keeps looking for trouble, everyone will know—not just Grandpa Benjamin, Uncle Simon and my dad, but also Elizabeth. What would she think once she finds out that her future mother-in-law is an unreasonable woman who tends to turn against her own family?"

Jean reminded Sara kindly.

Sara's expression changed. She stared at Jean and in a calm voice, said, "You can't scare me. Elizabeth is sensible. She knows what is right and wrong. Whatever happens, I believe she will be on my s

on?" Sara interrupted. "Haha, what connection? I never wanted to be your aunt,"

Sara sneered.

"Such a shame that I should hear that from you. Sara, you are supposed to be the elder person here. Look at yourself! You seem to lack basic education!" Jade said in scorn.

"Ha, you two gang up against me and you still think you are the underdogs," Sara said as her face darkened. She looked at Jade and Jean sharply.

Deep in her heart, there was regret. She found herself stuck in the trap she originally set for Jade and Jean. They were tough to deal with.

She thought she could just pour her anger on them, but now she found herself more annoyed, especially with Jean who she had thought was a weak young woman. How dare she bring Elizabeth up.

She should have thought of that. A man as tough as Zed would never marry a weak woman.

She underestimated them.

"No matter how much good reason you think you have, Aunt Sara, you were the one who came to interrupt us. Mom and I were simply minding our own business. You started everything," Jean reminded her.

'If you hadn't pissed us off in the beginning, you wouldn't have to take all this blame.

You asked for this.

You deserved this, ' Jean thought.

Sara's face twisted. What made her angrier was how she saw Jade looking at Jean with praise instead of stopping her.

"You two... Bear in mind. One day, you will pay for this. Trust me, you will." Sara stared at Jade and Jean bitterly. With a snort, she turned to leave.

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