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   Chapter 899 You Are Not The Queen

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 11083

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After hearing Jade's words, Jean furrowed her eyebrows and didn't even try to hide the disappointment in her face.

This time, Sara finally crossed the line for Uncle Simon wasn't someone to get angry easily.

Before, when Sara had placed her men in Sky International, Simon hadn't opposed, thinking that she wasn't thinking of doing any harm with her actions. However, after what Sara had done to the company with her men, Simon started to feel dislike towards Sara, and a faint amount of disdain grew in his mind.

However, carefully observing Simon during the past few days, Jean found out that Simon chose to turn a blind eye to whatever Sara did, as long as she wasn't crossing any lines.

Jean could understand that his physical condition couldn't allow him to get emotional that easy.

Therefore, this time, Sara must have done something really serious to make Uncle Simon so angry.

Even then, it was still a pity that Jade had worried so much about her that she lost the chance of hearing what was really going on indeed.

Jade noticed that Jean grew quiet and serious, so she asked in concern, "Are you all right? Was it really that serious?"

"I think so," Jean replied, nodding her head slowly in agreement. "I mean, think about it. Uncle Simon is not the type of man to be emotional about anything. Even after knowing right before then that Sara has already messed Sky International up, he has never scolded Sara nor did he blame her in public. Now, look. He is having a heated argument with Sara, so I guess, she must have really crossed the line…"

"Jean, stop. Don't be so mean," Jade interrupted with an unhappy look on her face. "Indeed, Sara is not a nice woman, but she is still Zed's aunt. Don't go about judging her always so critically."

Jean's cheeks turned bright red in embarrassment. She was so used to blaming Sara that she forgot who she was speaking to.

She cleared her throat and attempted to force a cough as she tried to come up with some words to redeem herself. However, her mind was blank.

Jade eased her face a little after seeing that Jean was feeling sorry for what she had said. She heaved a sigh and said, "Then again, you are right anyway. Ever since I have married Sean, I have seldom seen Simon and her fighting each other."

At that moment, Jade had a feeling that she was unaware of. She didn't know why though, but for some reasons, after Jean had started to criticize Sara, even she felt not wanting to mention Sara's name like it was a curse or a contagious disease.

"Well, that makes sense," Jean cheaply replied with a nod. She was afraid that if she dared to talk much, she would lose control of her words again.

Jade lowered her head and sighed once more, regret written all over her face. "It looks like I am not smart enough. I should have just stayed there and listened, so I would know what was going on."

"Oh, Mom. Don't blame yourself, okay? I mean, it's not much of a big deal. Besides, whatever is going on with Uncle Simon and Aunt Sara, for sure, we will find out about it sooner or later." Jean tried to comfort Jade by placing a hand on Jade's shoulder before she continued. "Moreover, we know that Uncle Simon is on Kirk's side. I believe that after Kirk's wedding, Uncle Simon will tell us about his arrangment."


oked so uneasy and anxious every time we met. Thanks to you, I have it all figured out now. Plus, she comes from some unknown small town without proper education. I also heard that her mother died when she was young, and ever since then, she was abused by her stepmother. That was probably why she is a little weird. I get it now that she grew up without the proper guidance. I won't fuss about that anymore."

Hearing Sara's words, Jean's face immediately darkened, feeling her blood starting to boil.

It was obvious that this woman was looking for trouble.

'How dare she speak of my mother like that!

Even though Sara grew up with a mother, she was the one who seemed to have grown up without a proper guidance!' Jean thought.

She glared at Sara with uncontrollable fire in her eyes. Deep inside, Jean kept trying to convince herself to calm down and compose herself, knowing fully well that it was Sara's trap. However, as she remembered how Sara mentioned her mother and her childhood like that, she couldn't help the fire building more and more fierce inside of her. At this point, she could no longer compose herself.

Jade was also shocked by how Sara casually attacked Jean's past. She immediately turned to look at Jean.

Her eyes immediately opened wide after seeing how Jean was already so close to exploding that Jade could not help but cry out inside of her. She then held Jean's hand tight enough to take control of her senses and talked before Jean could rebut. "What do you mean by that, Sara? Jean is my daughter-in-law, and even I don't dare to blame her too much. What are you, the queen?"

As for Jean, her senses came back and was shocked at what Jade had said, giving her a blank look.

At this point, Jade looked like a volcano that could control when she would erupt. She gave Sara a fiery glare with her eyes barely blinking as if she imagined how Sara would melt just by her stare.

Sara was also shocked at how Jade reacted. At first, she was trying to pick a quarrel with Jean, but she didn't expect that this idiot Jade would put her foot in it.

Sara took the shock away from her face and scoffed. 'Fair enough. I would settle this right now, ' she thought.

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