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   Chapter 895 Elizabeth's Plot

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10115

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"Aright then. I guess I'll let you and Kirk decide about this. But you two love birds have lived outside the country for too long, so you might not be very familiar with all of these. I'll give you my suggestions. Let me see..." said Sara, her brows knitted in concentration as she looked at the options on the table. Her eyes scanned box after box, until one caught her attention. "This one would do," she said, pointing a finger to the fanciest and most expensive-looking one among the others.

Elizabeth's next words came as a surprise to Jean. "Mother, wouldn't that be a little too expensive?" she asked. She bit her lower lip, as if she was hesitant and conflicted with Sara's pick.

Jean almost choked at the unexpected response.

She didn't know much about Elizabeth's family, but she knew she was no commoner. The way she carried herself and the luxury brands of her clothes and bags were telling of what kind of family she came from, so Jean couldn't believe her ears when she heard Elizabeth say that the gift box was too expensive.

She shifted her gaze back and forth from Elizabeth and Sara, not fully understanding what was happening, "Silly you. Your wedding would only happen once in your lives. Nothing is too expensive," Sara replied to Elizabeth with a smile.

"Oh, thank you, Mother! I love you!" Elizabeth exclaimed, visibly pleased with what Sra just said.

As Jean watched the two women's exchange, a thought suddenly came to her mind.

She could not shake off the feeling that everything Elizabeth had done today was a trap for Sara.

But what exactly she wanted to gain from it, Jean had yet to figure out.

Her mind was thrown in a disarray as she started making deductions. There was the possibility that Elizabeth just wanted Sara to pay for the wedding gifts, but Jean couldn't figure out the reason behind that. Elizabeth was very rich herself, and Kirk was Sara and Simon's only son. Elizabeth did not have to worry about the cost of the wedding at all, seeing how Kirk's parents would definitely shoulder the expenses.

That possibility did not add up, so it was very unlikely for it to be the case. Turning to other options, Jean could not help but wonder what was in this for Elizabeth.

She racked her brains in searching for an explanation to the strange turn of events, but she arrived at no solid conclusions. Finally, she gave up and sighed in her head.

"Mother, I forgot to tell you. They sent the accessories here this morning. I'm not really sure they're to my taste," pouted Elizabeth. She was obviously turning the charm on, as she continued, "I think there are a few flaws with the style. They don't really match me well. You know me, Mother. I want everything to be perfect."

Jean's eyes widened as she looked at Elizabeth. Elizabeth made Sara meet her needs in subtle ways earlier, but right now, she was blatantly asking Sara to spend money on her.

Jean's shock just doubled at what Sara said next. With fond eyes, the older woman turned to her and sa

yes condescendingly at her. "How dumb can you be? We are different. You don't hear of the things I do. Just because you don't know something, it doesn't mean I don't either," Elizabeth said. She took pleasure at the way that Jean's expression turned into disbelief and horror. She had her on the hook, and she was not going to let Jean get what she wanted.

For a moment, Jean was caught up in Elizabeth's little game, but she recovered quickly enough. Seeing what the other woman was doing, she took a deep breath to regain her composure. Two could play at this.

"I already know you are lying, Elizabeth," Jean taunted back. "Is that the best you can do? Making up lies that don't make any sense? And here I thought you can do better than that. I am not that stupid."

With one last look of disdain to Elizabeth, she turned to walk away.

Elizabeth could feel her blood boil at Jean's last look. Her fists clenched at her side and she ground her teeth, seething in anger. But she didn't say another word.

Jean purposely took her time to leave, trying to prod Elizabeth to spill more information. However, Elizabeth just stood tight-lipped and white-faced, even in her anger.

Once she was out of sight, Jean let out a big sigh. She had to find another way to help Zed.

She paced back and forth inside her room. After clearing her mind, she decided to call Zed.

The ringing went on for a while, but no one picked up. Jean began to feel anxious.

She understood perfectly well that Zed might be too busy to pick up the phone at the moment, or he just simply didn't have his phone with him, but she just couldn't wait any longer. She grabbed a jacket and walked out.

When Jean passed the living room, she was surprised to see that Elizabeth was gone. She turned her attention back to heading outside and continued taking long, quick strides.

Benjamin and Sean came across her on their way inside. "Jean, are you going out? You don't look so good. What's going on?" Benjamin asked in concern.

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