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   Chapter 894 I Want What Is Best For Our Child

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Jean was very surprised to hear Zed ask her such a question. From his expression, it was apparent that this was something he had been thinking about for quite a while as well.

"It's not early. I think it's the right time to talk about it, and we can always find solutions to our problems. But regarding the topic of upbringing, I'll insist on my principles," Zed said in a clear and firm tone.

"Sure, I know you only want to do what is the best for our child. But Zed, are you sure that you can really do as you said? You were so excited just to feel the baby's move. I can hardly imagine how you'll be when it actually comes out to the world. I can bet that you'll be so excited that you'll barely get to think of anything else. I really doubt that you can be strict with our child,"

laughed Jean.

Zed tried to cough his hesitation away. Collecting himself, he straightened up and said, "Education for children is one of the most relevant issues in society now. A lot of kids grow badly because they are spoiled by their parents. I don't want us to be like those coddling parents. I also don't want our child to grow up to be a troublemaker. Jean, I know that no matter what I say, you are not going to agree with me. But I need to be firm on this. We will not spoil our child!"

Zed's eyes were full of determination.

"Zed, I never said I disagreed with what you were saying," Jean said as she shrugged her shoulders and sighed.

Zed prepared himself to respond to whatever argument Jean was going to throw at him. The way she reacted was not what he expected. She always seemed to surprise him. Still, he managed to keep his thoughts hidden. He waited quietly for her to continue speaking. He grew curious about what else Jean might say to surprise him even more.

"I know you mean well for our child, but our child is not here yet! I don't think right now is the best time for us to talk about such a serious thing. It can respond to the outside world now. Our baby may not understand what exactly we are saying, but it can feel our emotions.

I just don't want to give myself and our child any pressure. I want it to grow happily and healthily. It is never good for parents to spoil their children. Let's just promise not to do that and promise to teach the kid the best way we can," she said.

Zed thought a while. Then, he gave her a nod of agreement and resignation. Right now was indeed not the best time to talk about this kind of thing.

Zed's reaction relaxed Jean.

She understood why Zed brought it up. He just really wanted to be a good parent and raise his child to be good and independent.

But for Jean, she preferred to let it be. She didn't want to force anything on her child.

A lot of serious men turned

l awkward and uncomfortable.

But after several times of interacting with Elizabeth, she finally got used to it.

As Elizabeth no longer seemed to impose herself on Zed these two days, Jean decided that it was probably the best to just forgive her for once.

Elizabeth was just a spoiled princess anyway.

Still, Elizabeth had a great impact on Jean. Seeing how she dealt with her problems made Jean agree with Zed about not spoiling their child.

She didn't want her child turned out like Elizabeth.

While it looked like Jean and Elizabeth were already friends, Jean was certain that she could never trust her.

She really could not forgive Elizabeth for playing Kirk. She made him believe that she liked him, when in reality, she did not care about him at all. Who she wanted was Zed.

In Jean's head, the only reason that she was being nice to her was that the wedding made her too busy to start any kind of fight.

She might be afraid of Kirk's anger too.

"But I am a foreigner. I really don't know much about wedding customs here. I am so scared of possibly offending anyone," said Elizabeth. She sounded so sincere and innocent.

Jean looked at her with shock. A cold sweat formed at her back.

If Jean told her which one she liked, Elizabeth probably would use it to fault her later on.

This thought made Jean very afraid. It sounded like a trap Elizabeth would set for her.

After thinking everything through, Jean gave Sara a glance and answered Elizabeth with a smile. "Don't worry too much, Elizabeth. Aunt Sara has a lot of experience on this. She has a really good taste too! You already have the best person to help you with this!" she remarked.

Jean managed to help solve Elizabeth's problem but Elizabeth was not so happy about it. She gave Sara a hesitant look and murmured, "Mother..."

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