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   Chapter 890 Do What You Need To Do

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Besides, even Grandpa Benjamin knew about Zed's plan. Zack wondered since when Zed ever became so unreliable.

Meanwhile, Zack was keeping a close eye on Zed's reaction. Judging from the surprised look on his face, this bit of information definitely did not come from Zed.

"Uncle Simon, who did you hear this from?" asked Zed as he looked intently at Simon.

"That's no longer important. I'm sure you know how important you are to this family. We are all counting on you. I won't hand over Sky International to anyone else but you," Simon said gravely. "I know I'm not your uncle by blood, but the relationship between your father and I is far more special than those of true brothers. But, if it bothers you that I am not a true Qi descendant, I have no other qualms. It's just that Sky International..." He shook his head as his voice trailed off.

"Uncle Simon, I've never thought of something as ridiculous as that. You've always been a real uncle to me, and you always will be," said Zed, trying to comfort Simon.

With that, Simon looked up at Zed and gave a slight smile. "That's nice to hear, Zed," he said, "Sky International was founded by your father and I alone. He left halfway through, but still you are the only person who had the right to that company." With that, Simon let out a long, deep sigh.

Upon hearing what Simon said, Zed couldn't help but smile bitterly. Were there any rumors or gossip that reached Grandpa and Simon?

If that were the case, this was really turning out for the worst.

"Well, what about Kirk though?" interjected Zack, breaking the pressing silence. In truth, Zack was a bit nervous as he didn't want to get on Uncle Simon's bad side. "Kirk is a capable man," he continued. "Have you ever thought about handing Sky International over to Kirk instead of Zed?"

An outsider wouldn't believe it if some information had been leaked out.

Sky International was worth at least hundreds of millions of dollars in assets—and the Qi family, regardless of Zed's unwillingness, wanted him to inherit it.

Zack had been in the dark and couldn't thoroughly see what exactly was going on until now.

It might have been some time now that Grandpa Benjamin figured out that Zed didn't intend to stay at Imperial Capital, which was why he wanted Simon to persuade Zed.

Given the circumstances, and Simon's ill health, everyone wanted to follow whatever he wanted. No one dared to show an ounce of disobedience towards him.

"Well, you see, Kirk..." replied Simon with some sadness in his voice. "I wish he could work together with Zed in running Sky International, but his heart has never been in busin

on his face.

What happened?

Her eyes then drifted towards Simon. Then, she realized something.

The meal went on in silence. Zack was on his best behavior—probably because of the lecture Benjamin gave to him.

After lunch, Benjamin lingered for a while longer. Soon enough, he excused himself and disappeared into his bedroom.

Sean helped Simon back to his room and Jade went to clean up the kitchen.

Only Zed, Jean and Zack remained in the quiet, empty living room.

After Benjamin left, Zack wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. "Zed, it's nice to come to your house," he said with a wry smile. "Except that Grandpa Benjamin is too talkative. And since he's my elder, I can't say anything against him. It's really suffocating."

"If you're feeling suffocated, you don't have to stay here," barked Zed.

"For the sake of Auntie's food, I wouldn't mind hearing Grandpa Benjamin's lecturing," Zack said laughingly.

"You are a typical foodie," Zed rolled his eyes at Zack and said.

From this, Jean knew Zed wasn't feeling good inside from the way he talked to Zack.

If Zack stayed and chatted with Zed, Jean couldn't promise he wouldn't suffer from Zed's bad mood unjustly.

So she winked at Zack and signaled him not to talk with Zed anymore.

Zack was smart enough to know what she meant as soon as he saw her expression. "Jean, you spoiled this boy and now he's become unruly. He loses his temper whenever he feels bad!" Zack yelled.

Upon hearing his words, Jean's face fell. It looked like Zack didn't take the hint, and tried to irritate Zed instead.

She turned to Zed hurriedly. She saw Zed's face turn stern. He was looking at Zack with fury in his eyes. "Nobody will think you are mute if you don't say anything."

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