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   Chapter 889 So Stupid

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8399

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"You never know what's coming for you. I was extremely excited when I found out that the girl, who was forced to marry me by her father, was just the one I was looking for. Without a second thought, I gave her father a piece of land and married Jean," Zed sighed with a smile on his face, remembering the moment he and Jean were finally bound together for life.

"Since you fell in love with her a long time ago..." interjected Zack as he looked at his friend intently, "why were you always cold towards her? I don't know but sometimes it felt as if you didn't care about her at all. If you hadn't told me any of the things you told me today, I would never have known that you actually already had her in your heart."

"I was afraid that if I told her I was looking for her, she would be scared. Also, I wasn't sure whether she could still remember saving me five years ago," replied Zed, looking at Zack with a slightly sad look on his face.

"But does Jean know that was how you felt about her?" asked Zack with a contemplative look.

"Yes. One day, after we got married, we happened to talk about that matter. And it turned out that she could still remember saving me," sighed Zed, his mouth slightly tugging at the corners.

For a while, Zack stared at Zed, deep in thought. "Zed," he started, "I remember you told me that you came back for Jean and you had already fallen in love with her several years ago. That means in your heart, no one is more important to you than Jean will ever be. I'm just wondering why you still have the heart to hurt her feelings. If you don't break up or keep your distance with the women around you, it will do permanent harm to your relationship with Jean. Besides, Jean's pregnant now. Don't make her sad anymore."

In his life, Zack had plenty of girlfriends, so he knew women better and saw things more clearly than Zed did.

Sighing helplessly, Zed could only grin bitterly at Zack's words. Then he replied with a resigned look, "I don't mean to make Jean sad. But I do admit that I really made a mistake with Jesse. I've always treated her as my younger sister. And I took it granted that she also treats me as her elder brother. It turns out that sometimes I am really a little insensitive to love."

"Not just insensitive. I think you're such a stupid man towards love!" retorted Zack. Hearing this, Zed let out a deep sigh. "If I were Jean," Zack continued, "I'd be mad at you. No woman would be happy to let her husband get close to other women. What's

Simon, we're about to eat. Let's go to the dining room. We'll help you go there," said Zed.

"Oh, is that so? Well, thank you to you both." Slowly, Simon got up from the wheelchair. Seeing this, Zed and Zack hastily went to help him. They immediately supported his arms on each side and walked towards the dining hall step by step.

As they walked forward, beads of sweat started to form on Simon's forehead, which made Zack's heart wrench in sadness.

Back then, when Simon was younger, Zack recalled that Simon was very popular with the children.

Simon really had a good temper and he loved to play with all the kids around him. Therefore, children were always close to him.

But now he was suffering from illness. Although he was in good spirits now, he was really weak and thin.

Looking at his scrawny arms, tears were daring to form in Zack's eyes. Looking away, he blinked the tears away before anyone could see or notice.

"Zed..." Simon suddenly said, breaking the silence.

"Yes, Uncle Simon?" Zed hurriedly responded.

"Zack isn't an outsider. I want to say something in front of you two," Simon took a look at Zack before he said to Zed.

"What is it?" pressed Zed.

"Your grandpa told me that you don't want to inherit the Sky International. Is that true?" Simon asked, fixing his eyes on Zed.

This made both Zed and Zack surprised and confused.

As Zed's good friend, Zack knew him very well. Just now from what he said, Zack sensed that Zed and Jean wouldn't stay at Imperial Capital for a long time.

However, before he settled everything in the company, Zed wouldn't tell anyone about his plan.

How did Simon know about it?

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