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   Chapter 886 He Acts Like An Ass-kisser

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Apparently, Zack and Zed had already previously discussed the recent affairs. Zack pondered on Jean's suggestion before speaking, "I think Jean's right. We should arrange for someone to follow her and see where she goes."

Upon hearing this, Zed took his phone out and dialed a number.

Jean appreciated that Zack supported her, so she smiled at him as Zed spoke on the phone.

Zack smiled back. As he listened in on Zed's phone call, something occurred to him. "Zed, I saw your face, so I didn't think you would agree."

Jean also noticed this so she turned to him to wait for his response.

Zed heaved a heavy sigh in response.

"It's not about whether I agree or not. It's just that I'm afraid that my plan might get ruined. I've reached an agreement with grandpa. I'll be in charge of the company, and grandpa will deal with the business with Sara, while my father..."

Zed paused.

Jean gazed at Zed with curiosity. She had already asked him before what Sean's task was but he never gave her a straight answer.

'So he's just suddenly going to say it now even though Zack's here?' Jean thought to herself, a bit surprised.

Jean never got an answer because Zed didn't say anything anymore except for a heavy sigh.

While Jean was a bit disappointed, she still understood why Zed didn't answer anymore. There were other people in the same room and he just couldn't blurt out what Sean's task was as that was obviously sensitive information.

The three chatted for a while as they sat in the living room. Soon, Jade returned from shopping.

She was surprised to see Zack at home.

Zack, the charming guy that he was, helped Jade bring in the stuff she had bought, poured her tea, and followed her back to the kitchen.

This was the first time that Jean saw Zack and Jade together. She was surprised to find Jade constantly smiling with Zack around. As she watched the two walk towards the kitchen, Jean couldn't help but wonder what the story was between them.

As if something had just popped in her head, she turned to Zed who was sitting next to her.

However, Zed didn't seem to be as surprised at the whole Zack and Jade thing as Jean was. I

d for a life like the one Zed described he had in the compound.

She hadn't been as lucky as Zed as a kid. She hadn't had any playmates because she constantly feared that she would get hurt or abused.

However, even then, Jean still couldn't help but miss some of the things she had before.

At least, Shirley and Winner had been beside her. Even though Joy abused her and ordered her around, she still thought her childhood was memorable.

She laughed when she was happy and cried when she was sad and she didn't have to think about the consequences of her actions.

However, as she grew up, people started to become less pure—people were jealous and manipulative.

"We were all the same age. There was Zack, Calvin, Christina, Jesse, Magnolia, Matthew, and Keen... There were so many other kids then that I can't even remember some of their names,"

Zed reeled off the names who Jean was familiar with.

She couldn't help but think how fun it must have been especially considering how huge the compound was.

"What are you talking about?" Zack had just come from the kitchen.

"I'm telling Jean about the compound and our playmates then," Zed turned to him and answered.

"There were so many kids that I can't even remember some of their names. By the way, is Calvin in Imperial Capital? What do you say we invite him for dinner or something, Zed?"

Zack suggested.

"He came to visit us a few days ago," Zed said simply.

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