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   Chapter 885 Are You Sure

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7698

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For a moment, Jean looked at Zack in confusion. She felt a little surprised at the way his expression changed just a while ago.

Soon enough, footsteps came up from behind them. Turning around, they saw that Zed had returned.

Seeing that he was back, Jean tried to calm herself down, letting out a small, slow breath.

Zed entered the dining room with a big smile on his face. Upon seeing the dinner table, he frowned. The food had been barely touched. "Why aren't you eating? You don't like these dishes, do you?"

"Yes, I like them," Jean replied immediately, forcing a small laugh. Now that Zed mentioned it, she suddenly felt hungry.

She reached towards her glass of warm milk and began to take large gulps.

Beaming, Zack looked at Zed with a pleased expression on his face. "I haven't tasted your mother's cooking for a long time. Do you think I can stay for lunch today?" he asked.

"Don't you have a blind date today?" Zed asked as he took his seat at the table.

"Oh, I can postpone that for some other time. I really want to taste the dishes your mom cooks today,"

Zack replied.

What Zack said made Jean surprised—much so that she couldn't help but spray out the milk she was drinking from her mouth.

Fortunately, Zed was able to avoid it quickly.

But Zack was not as lucky. The milk got onto his face and clothes.

"Sorry... I'm so sorry..." Jean said, picking up a table napkin to clean herself up and the milk that had gotten onto the table. Her nose was burning from the milk that went through it, and tears welled up in her eyes.

However, Zack didn't seem to mind. He picked up his own table napkin and started to dry himself off. "It's okay. Looks like I really do have to stay here," he said with a shrug and smile.

This made Jean even more confused. What was Zack playing at?

She got the impression that Zack was pressed on finding a reason to stick around.

Obviously, Zed also got what was on Zack's mind. "Come on!" Zed exclaimed, shaking his head. "You can stay if you want. But there is no need to let yourself get drenched like this on purpose."

'On purpose?' Jean thought, looking at Zed with a confused look on her face.

'It was an accident. Didn't Zed see that? How would Zack have known that was going to happen as if he had an u

r. I have something to deal with right now."

"Okay, goodbye Aunt Sara," Jean chimed with a robotic smile on her face.

Sara took one final look at Jean before she headed outside.

Lost in thought, Jean just stared at Sara's receding figure.

Just at that moment, Zed and Zack got out of the bedroom. Standing up, Jean made her way towards them.

A smile crept up her face when she saw how well Zed's clothes fit Zack. "I'm not so surprised that you two have such a good relationship with each other."

Both of them were handsome and excellent.

Just like the saying goes, 'Birds of the same feather flock together.'

"Really?" Zack said, raising an eyebrow at Jean.

Jean didn't pay much attention to Zack's reaction. There was something more important she wanted to say. "Zed," she started, looking at him intently. "When you two were in the bedroom just now, I saw Sara go out all flustered. When I asked her where she was going, she told me that she was on her way to the wedding company. Should we try and find out what she's really up to? I think someone might have told her about your visit to the company yesterday."

Furrowing his brows, Zed nodded his head, deep in thought. "Are you sure?" he asked, glancing back at Jean.

"Yes." Zack shifted his gaze, looking at Zed knowingly. With that, Jean sensed that maybe Zack had already told Zed the purpose of his arrival when they were in his room.

Besides, there was no need to hide it from Zed.

Like Jean, Zed was also grateful for Zack's arrival.

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