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   Chapter 884 Zack's Purpose

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7995

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It turned out to be a clear fact that Sara was much more troublesome than what they initially thought. But they also knew that she could not handle anything by devising strategies on her own.

Coming out with a plan to draw out Zed for good could not have been Sara's idea.

She was not that clever. If she was, she would not be so unlovable to the Qi family.

"I have already discussed this problem with Grandpa and we figured out the corresponding countermeasures," said Zed with a reassuring smile. "Grandpa will deal with Sara. My task for the time being is to find out who was plotting against me. They are working in secret, trying to look for bits of information to foil our plans before we even get started. But we can also do the same and beat them in their own game."

"What about Sean?" asked Jean. "Zed, I think Father can help you out. Maybe you should ask him for advice or some favor."

"Do you think so?" Zed questioned.

Looking at Zed, Jean tried to figure out what he was implying. But he was still just smiling at her. She shook her head, uncomprehending his thoughts.

"He is also part of the Qi family. If there's anyone else who can help, of course it would be Sean. For now, I can only tell you that Father has a much more difficult task than Grandpa." With that, Zed just blinked at Jean. She still couldn't understand what he was trying to imply.

Although Zed had not shared his entire plan with Jean, she felt at ease.

No matter how many people were on Sara's side, Jean was confident this would turn out for the better. Sara was going up against Zed, Grandpa Benjamin, and Sean.

These three people were of greater power than Sara.

On top of that, there was Calvin. Without a doubt, he would lose no time in offering help as long as Zed was in need.

All this time, Jean had been worrying that they were getting a bit passive in this battle. Now that Zed and Grandpa made concrete preparations, she could set her mind at rest a little.

That night, Jean slept very well.

The next morning, Jean found that Zed had already gotten up before her.

After rinsing her mouth and washing her face, she headed out to eat breakfast.

Upon entering the dining room, she couldn't believe what she saw.

Was that Zack eating breakfast with Zed?

Seeing Zack here in Imperial Capital made Jean giddy with excitement.

It was such a pleasant

heart that Zack's stay in Imperial Capital would be longer.

Finally, Zed would not have to fight against Sara alone if Zack was here.

After a while, Zed got up and excused himself to use the bathroom. Leaning back on her seat, Jean looked at Zack. "So how long are you staying here this time?" she asked.

"How long do you want me to stay?" responded Zack, raising his brow at Jean. His tone implied that he was trying to say something else.

It didn't make sense to Jean, and she just looked at him blankly.

Zack looked at Jean with a patient smile.

After a moment, something dawned on Jean's mind. "What do you mean? You came back for Zed?" Jean asked in surprise.

"Right on the money! By now, I think you've figured out that Zed was actually the one who called me to come back here," explained Zack, smiling wickedly at Jean.

The news made Jean overwhelmed with joy. "Did you really come back for Zed?" Jean chirped.

This time, Zack restrained his playful expression and looked solemnly at Jean. "You've been watched as soon as you come here in Imperial Capital. Our enemy has made their preparations for your arrival. I'm worried that Zed won't be able to handle this alone. After all, Imperial Capital is not what it used to be,"

sighed Zack, looking gravely at Jean.

Zack's words weighed heavily on Jean's mind.

The problem faced by Zed this time sounded much harder than ever.

"What's your plan?" Jean asked worriedly.

"Well, right now, I'm just here to help. That's the plan so far," smirked Zack, his sharp eyes glittering in the morning sun.

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