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   Chapter 883 The Plots Behind

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8048

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"Yes," Zed replied quietly. "Since Kirk's wedding day is just a few days away, Aunt Sara must have been very busy, and couldn't keep a closer eye on the company's business. This was my chance to step in and know about what's going on. Besides, I haven't disclosed my identity yet. However, sooner or later, Sara will find out that I went there without a doubt."

"Right. Her own people are working there..." replied Jean as she furrowed her brows.

She knew that the day had to come when Zed had to handle the pressing issues at Sky International.

However, she was worried when that day did come.

They were in Imperial Capital—a place where Zed did not have as much influence as compared to others.

This made it even harder to handle the problems involving Sara.

As soon as she and Zed set foot on Imperial Capital, they played rough on them. It was easy to foresee how perilous the situation would be to Zed.

Even Jean knew the gravity of the problem. Everything was making Jean very anxious. She even urged Zed to bring his friends here, people he could trust, so that he wouldn't have to face this alone.

To her surprise, Zed didn't like the idea of asking for help from his pals, and insisted on handling the situation on his own.

Now that Zed was going to take action, Jean's heart was full of anxiety and worry.

Zed saw Jean's worried expression and smiled, "Jean, don't worry. We're in Imperial Capital. However bold they may be, I don't think they'll do anything that goes out of line. Besides, I have grandpa and my dad behind my back. Moreover, if they make a big scene, Uncle Simon would definitely find out. It would turn out disadvantageous for them if that happens."

Hearing Zed's words made Jean's eyes light up with hope, and she felt very much relieved.

They weren't in H City, but this was Imperial Capital after all.

Grandpa personally asked Zed to come back—surely he wouldn't just sit back and watch.

On the other hand, Jean's impression of Sean had greatly changed for the better ever since they had talked last time.

If Zed had problems, Sean wouldn't let his own son juggle all the problems on his own.

Thinking of that, Jean heaved a long sigh of relief. "Any results this afternoon?" she asked.

"So soon?" Zed replied with a wry smile. "I just got warmed up. The only thing I managed to do was get familiar with the business and its opera

r attackers to come at me."

Jean was even more anxious when she heard Zed talking so lightly about it. "We're at a critical position, Zed. You can't afford to be careless. I'm sure anyone who wants to hurt you has a thorough plan in how to deal with you. They would have surely thought of ways to get to you. Zed, don't you forget that they kidnapped me right under your nose. That is enough reason to think that bad people can be extremely cunning."

Upon hearing this, Zed's face fell into a frown.

It was such an insult to him that they kidnapped Jean while he was close by.

Rage surged up his face and his voice turned cold, "I won't give them a second chance."

"Zed..." Jean sighed and said. "You can be assured that you won't have to lug me around like heavy baggage. I will stay at home, be with Grandpa, Father and Mother. Do what you need to do and focus. Don't worry about me."

Tears started to form around the corners of Zed's eyes.

It was a difficult, tiring, and dangerous task to find out who was plotting against him.

However, he had to spare some attention to take care of Jean, making him unable to go out all the time.

He felt much relieved when he heard Jean's promise.

"After this is over, I will take you around Imperial Capital so we can make happier memories," Zed said with a smile as he looked tenderly at Jean.

"Great," Jean nodded softly and leaned her head on Zed's shoulder. "You have to promise me to be careful and take good care of yourself. Remember, Sara has outside help too. Everywhere you go, there'll be someone plotting against you."

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