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   Chapter 880 Out Of Control

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7811

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Although Elizabeth was bold, now she felt a little timid under Jean's intense stare.

But then again, she was shameless. She couldn't be easily swayed by the look Jean was giving her.

Raising her head proudly, she looked back at Jean through squinted eyes. "So what's up?" she sneered. "Are you angry because you're embarrassed that I spoke out what was going on in that head of yours?"

Before Jean could speak up, Kirk shouted at her with rage, "Enough, Elizabeth! How could you treat Jean like this? She is pregnant, so it's normal for her to feel tired. I already feel bad that I asked her to accompany us for a whole afternoon. But what do you do? Instead of appreciating her company, you slandered and maligned her viciously. Elizabeth, for God's sake, why do you act like this?"

'What happened to her? Why is she so out of control!' Kirk thought to himself.

The Elizabeth he knew was charming and considerate, but the Elizabeth in Imperial Capital seemed to change into another person.

She was arrogant and domineering, and deliberately provocative.

'Where is the tender Elizabeth I proposed to?' Kirk couldn't help asking.

The moment she stepped into the Qi family and fixed her eyes on Zed, she wasn't at all the woman Kirk knew.

However, given his father's condition and that Elizabeth still wanted to marry him, Kirk set those thoughts aside because he didn't think he should square accounts in every detail. As a man, he should be generous.

After all, he trusted Zed. More importantly, he trusted himself.

Zed and Jean loved each other, so they couldn't be separated by Elizabeth.

As for Elizabeth, she might not love him at present, but Kirk was sure that he could win her heart as long as he doubled his efforts to love her.

He was more confident in their relationship this afternoon when they were taking wedding pictures because she acted like the old Elizabeth he came to love.

'But why become a different person in the blink of an eye?' wondered Kirk, who was obviously very upset.

Staring at Kirk in surprise, Jean didn't know what to do. It was her first time to see Kirk this angry.

As for the chief culprit...

Turning to Elizabeth, Jean found that she was looking at Kirk with astonishment.

It was hard to tell whether she was surprised or frightened by Kirk.

No one

out it if Kirk hadn't said this.

However, since Kirk asked her to forgive Elizabeth, Jean thought she should speak out her opinion—for everyone's good.

"Kirk, Elizabeth is your wife. It's fine by me to see you love her or tolerate her. As for what happened just now, I will let it go. But I'm doing it for you, because you're like Zed's brother. However, if she tries to destruct my relationship with Zed, I will not forgive her, regardless of whether you put in a good word for her or not. I'm not a coward who doesn't fight back. As long as somebody crosses the line with me, I don't care if I offend them."

"I see," said Kirk, nodding his head thoughtfully.

"I'll not go out with you tomorrow. I'm a little tired today," added Jean.

"I understand. It's a hard day for you. You know, sometimes I don't know what to do with her," said Kirk as he shook his head with a bitter smile on his lips.

Seeing Kirk this dismayed, Jean couldn't help but feel sympathetic. "Kirk," she said tenderly, "there's something I want to say, but I'm not sure whether I should or not..."

"It's ok. Go ahead," Kirk replied.

"Looking back at what had just happened, it seems to me that you rarely lose your temper in front of Elizabeth, don't you?" Jean asked in a low voice. She cast a glance at Elizabeth, who was already sitting inside the car silently.

"No, I barely get angry in front of her. I firmly believe that it's improper for a man to get angry at his woman, no matter what situation they may be in,"

Kirk replied matter-of-factly.

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