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   Chapter 878 I Won't Put You On The Spot

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8135

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Sitting back on the couch helplessly, Jean heaved another sigh.

If she had known it would be so cumbersome, she would have asked Zed to be with her.

At least she wouldn't have been bored.

However, Jean thought that if Zed were here, Elizabeth would slobber away on him rather than pick her wedding dress, which made her think that having Zed around wasn't a good idea after all.

From the corner of her eye, Jean could see Toby patiently standing nearby. She smiled and waved at him, thinking that maybe he could save her from her boredom. 'I could probably kill some time by talking to Toby, ' she thought to herself.

"Mrs. Jean, what can I do for you?" asked Toby, walking to Jean in a hurry.

"Relax, I just want to chat with you because I feel bored," Jean consoled him with a smile.

"Chat with me?" Toby was a little embarrassed, and eyed Jean with a confused look on his face.

"Can you tell me the story of how Gregory, Terry and you ended up working for Zed?" Jean asked, remembering something Toby had said to her before. "Zed saved you or something, right? But I just don't seem to understand. You seem to be strong enough to protect yourself. Or perhaps you have another identity, just like Zed?"

Jean said softer and softer, staring at Toby with curiosity.

Biting his lower lip, Toby looked a bit troubled. His eyes wandered around the room quickly. "I don't think it's appropriate to talk with me about Mr. Zed," Toby said with a sigh as he looked at Jean sympathetically. "I just used to make a living some way else," he continued. "Then, Mr. Zed came along and saved me. That's when I started to follow and work for him."

The answer he gave implied that Toby didn't want to tell Jean the whole story. But, knowing that he couldn't simply refuse her directly, he had to tell Jean something.

If she went on asking, it would be more difficult for Toby to answer.

Although she was curious, she had to stop prying and invading Toby's privacy. It was impolite to keep asking.

She wouldn't even have talked to Toby in the first place if it weren't so boring.

With that, Jean heaved another heavy sigh. "Fine," she said, "since you don't want to talk about it, I won't put you on the spot anymore."

Deep inside, Toby appreciated that Jean backed off. He was about to return where he was standing before, when he suddenly remembered something, and he turned around to look back at Jean

, which means our relationship can stand the currents. I'm sure Zed and I will have a lifetime of happiness, and no one will destroy that."

Upon hearing this, Toby smiled with happiness.

'Maybe Mrs. Jean didn't need my advice after all, ' Toby thought.

Actually, they all knew Jean and Zed loved each other. In fact, they admired their relationship.

As an indifferent man, Zed only became zealous when he was with Jean, something that Toby, Gregory and Terry had never seen before.

If Zed was unhappy, the only possible reason was that his problem was related something to Jean. But most of time, he didn't tell Jean about his misery because he didn't want to make her worried.

Seeing that Jean was by herself, Toby thought this might be the perfect opportunity to tell her so. Moreover, the Qi family was a mess the past few days, so he thought it was necessary to persuade Jean to trust Zed.

'Elizabeth is crude. She just won't quit no matter what.

Today she put Mrs. Jean in a difficult position by using Kirk. Who knows what she will do tomorrow?

No matter what she plans to do, I don't care. I will try my best to protect Mrs. Jean and Mr. Zed and make sure nothing will destroy their relationship, ' Toby told himself.

Meanwhile, Jean was glad because Toby spoke his mind.

When Toby retreated to the other side respectfully, Jean turned to Kirk and Elizabeth.

They had picked up their clothes for their wedding photo shoot, and got dressed with the help of the staff. The photographer behind the camera was guiding them, making them do various happy poses for the camera to record.

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