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   Chapter 874 I Was Very Happy Last Night

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6271

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"I know you two are very close and that warms my heart," Benjamin said. "But you can't get Kirk drunk. He's different from you. He can't hold his liquor like you can. He's busy with the wedding and we can't push the date anymore."

"Yes, grandpa, you're right. I won't get Kirk drunk anymore," Zed said with a smile.

"Grandpa, it's not Zed's fault," a frail voice suddenly piped in.

Kirk, assisted by Elizabeth, was slowly walking towards the living room.

"I was very happy last night, that's why I drank a lot," Kirk said somewhat sheepishly as he walked towards Benjamin.

Benjamin burst into laughter. "I just said that you two are very close and now you both rushed to take the blame for one another. Relax, I'm not mad."

Everyone began to laugh. Zed and Kirk burst into a hearty laughter as they looked at one another.

Jean looked at Elizabeth who was standing next to Kirk. Jean had been staring at her since she arrived.

She was surprised to find Elizabeth wasn't even trying to be subtle.

She had been staring at Zed since she arrived. She was not even trying to hide it. It was as if she wanted everyone to know she only had eyes for Zed.

Was Elizabeth just that bold? Or was she really shameless?

She was marrying Kirk but she obviously liked Zed. Didn't she realize how unfair that was for Kirk?

Even though they had planned a fake wedding, it seemed like Kirk had already fallen for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth also said that she wouldn't leave as long as Kirk still needed her.

Jean was moved by their words.

All that had vanished when Jean saw the way Elizabeth was acting now.

'Elizabeth's only marrying Kirk so she can get close to Zed.

Does marriage mean something else to Elizabeth?' Jean was confused.

Especially every time she remembered how Elizabeth pestered Zed last night, she couldn't help but get angry.

rough Elizabeth's fake smiles and hollow laughter.

'The nerve of that woman! She's just playing Kirk who's doing nothing but love her. Instead, she pines for my husband and plans to destroy my marriage.

Fine, since you're underestimating me, I'll take up the challenge and teach you a lesson.

Not for me, not for Zed, but for Kirk!'

Jean was resolute.

"Great! Now that you've ironed out your plans, everyone else can do their job!"

Benjamin commented.

"Yes, grandpa. I'll just clear up in my room and go to the wedding store with Kirk. Jean, honey, would you please wait for me for a moment?"

Elizabeth looked at Jean and smiled triumphantly, and then walked to her room.

Zed turned to Kirk in surprise at the mention of the wedding store. "Kirk, are you going to take wedding photos?"

"Yes. We don't have much time. We have to take photos now so we can get them processed in time for the ceremony," Kirk confirmed.

"But," Zed worriedly glanced at Jean who was shaking her head at him.

"Jean," Zed called her name discontentedly.

"Honey, don't worry," holding Zed's hand, Jean consoled him. "If Elizabeth wants to destroy my marriage then let her. I can handle this."

"But Jean..." Zed was still worried.

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