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   Chapter 873 Did She Badger You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6866

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Jean shielded herself from the heat of the sun with her hands. Inside, she felt her heart sinking.

Damn it! She was starting to feel like she wasn't good enough. Yet again.

But, this was the worst time to feel that way.

"What are you doing here?" Jean looked at Zed and asked, sounding a little cold.

"After my morning run, I went back to our room looking for you. You weren't there so I went outside to look for you. It's early in the morning and you look so upset. Did you sleep well last night?" Zed walked towards Jean and asked. He sounded concerned.

Jean felt her heart twist at the mention of last night.

Sara had just told her that she saw Zed talking to some woman in the hallway last night. Jean immediately questioned Sara's intentions—why would she tell her that? So Jean decided to just shrug it off.

Later on, as she sat in the pavilion, it crossed her mind again. And this time, she didn't just shrug it off. She considered that Sara was telling the truth. 'She had no motives to lie especially when her son's getting married. Besides, there was no way that Sara would wait to talk to me so early in the morning just to mess with Zed and me.

Sara's a smart woman. She knows for sure that if she lied to me and I found out, it's not going to be very pretty.

So she must be telling the truth about last night.

But she didn't tell me who Zed was talking to. I can test right now if Zed's going to be honest with me or not, ' Jean thought to herself.

Jean looked at Zed with a complicated expression. She was still hesitating on asking Zed about last night.

She knew that she should believe Zed. At the same time, she was also really curious on what Zed was going to say about last night.

If she just kept this to herself, she wouldn't be able to eat or sleep well. Jean didn't know what to do.

"If you have anything to say to me, just say it. My dad told me that he saw Sara talking to you earlier. What did she tell you?" Zed frowned and he sounded a little angry.

Jean looked at him in surprise. She d

t he shouldn't have.

"Well, just forget about it. I'm sure she won't attempt anything from now on," Zed said, consoling Jean in a low voice.

"What did she do?" Jean looked straight into Zed's eyes—her tone was somber.

"Jean, let's just forget about it, okay?" Zed looked at Jean and pleaded helplessly.

Jean glanced at him and let out a sigh. 'Zed's already making me stop. If I push him, he might get mad.

But why would he not want to tell me?

Probably because Elizabeth did something that would humiliate Kirk. She is Kirk's wife afer all, ' Jean thought to herself.

Jean felt a lump form in her throat.

She really wanted to know.

She followed Zed into the yard. When they entered the living room, Benjamin, Simon, and Sara were all there but Sean and Jade were nowhere to be found.

"Where's mom and dad?" Jean asked.

"Mom went shopping and dad might just be in his room," Zed replied.

Jean nodded her head.

Benjamin looked up. The moment he saw Zed and Jean, he immediately waved to them and said, "Zed, Jean, come here!"

They exchanged glances before walking towards Benjamin.

"Did Kirk drink with you last night? He hasn't gotten up yet. Elizabeth is exhausted and she's still taking care of him," Benjamin said to Zed.

"Grandpa, Kirk and I shouldn't have drunk so much last night," Zed explained apologetically.

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