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   Chapter 872 Suspicions

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8077

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"I'm not sure you know what you're talking about, Aunt Sara!" Jean protested, running out of patience. "I don't care what other people say about me. Zed loves me, and I'm sure that won't change. Rumors are just rumors. They disappear eventually, don't they?"

"Well, you might be right, Jean," replied Sara, looking around as if she was afraid someone else might hear her. She turned back to Jean and continued in a soft tone, "But you have to remember this, Jean. You should never trust a man completely, especially a man as excellent as Zed. Even if he loves you with all his heart now, are you absolutely certain that he will spend his entire life by your side?"

"Aunt Sara, what are you trying to imply?" Jean said angrily after hearing what Sara said.

"Jean, you're young. And so is Zed. Men are always seeking new, younger, beautiful women. On top of that, Zed is quite a looker. Even if you did trust him, are you sure that he will turn down a woman who comes on to him? I strongly advise you keep an eye on him," Sara persuaded as if she was trying to help Jean.

The expression on Jean's face changed. Jean retorted in a stern tone, "Aunt Sara, if I didn't know you any better, I would think you're trying to make trouble for our marriage!"

Sara didn't get mad at Jean's rudeness. Instead, she smiled. "Look, Jean," she said, "I think you are clever enough to understand that I'm trying to help. Everything I've said is for good of you. Last night, I..."

Sara stopped mid-sentence, hesitating to tell Jean.

"What happened last night?" blurted out Jean, curious at what Sara was about to say.

"Last night, I saw Zed was with a woman in the corridor. They were getting pretty intimate, if you ask me. I didn't tell anyone about it yet. I'm telling you this because I hope you could stay alert. Don't trust him so blindly..."

Sara said as she turned to look around.

Upon hearing this, Jean couldn't figure out whether or not she should trust Sara.

'Last night, I fell asleep once I took a shower. Ever since my pregnancy, I've been sleeping longer and much deeper.

I remember that Zed wasn't back at the room before I fell asleep...

But I don't trust Sara. It's hard to say if she's only trying to trick me.

Why did she even ask me to come out here to tell me this? What's her purpose?

There is no other woman in this house, except Elizabeth...'

Thinking of Elizabeth,

each other. Zed went abroad when he was fifteen and he stayed there for many years. He must have some friends there. And I don't care whether they had a relationship before. Elizabeth is Kirk's wife now, and, in turn, is our daughter-in-law,"

Sara said as she held onto Simon's arm.

"You are right but... It seems like Elizabeth is in love with Zed," Simon said worriedly.

"You're overthinking it, Simon. They're just old friends. If Elizabeth still loves Zed, why did she agree to marry Kirk in the first place?" Sara comforted with a big smile.

Upon hearing what Sara said, Simon decided not to argue with her any further.

Jean sat on the stone bench for a long while. As the sun rose up high overhead, the heat was starting to get to her, despite the fact she was sitting under the shade of the pavilion. Jean knew she had to stop thinking about it, and decided to go back inside the house.

Raising her head, she gave a slight smirk.

She stood up and walked lazily back to the house.

'I trust Zed. No matter what happened last night, it's nothing now.

Sara's just getting in between me and Zed. I can't let her get to my head.

It's just a little trick... but why do I still feel sad?'

Jean furrowed, letting out a deep breath.

"What are you thinking about, honey?" Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted by a low, warm voice. Surprised, Jean raised her head and looked forward.

Zed was standing under a big tree, the shadows of the leaves dancing across his face. His pale skin was glowing under the golden sunlight, and his bright smile greatly added to his allure.

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