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   Chapter 870 Let's Wait And See

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8169

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At that time, Zed remembered what Elizabeth announced in front of Jean and him that morning. She said that as long as Kirk didn't abandon her, she wouldn't leave him.

Although her words made Zed pleasantly surprised, her true intentions really worried him.

Zed had always believed in a woman's intuition.

Jean was iffy when she first encountered Elizabeth because she had sensed that Elizabeth had feelings for her husband.

It turned out that she was right.

Who would have expected that after so many years, Elizabeth was actually obsessed with Zed?

She was going to be his cousin-in-law soon. In a week's time, to be exact. The last thing Zed wanted was for something to go horribly wrong.

When he was about to turn around and enter his bedroom, the door opposite Kirk's bedroom suddenly opened. Elizabeth emerged, wearing a white, tulle nightdress.

At the sight of her, he deliberately quickened his pace, all the while keeping his head down.

"Zed..." Elizabeth called out after him. Of course she wouldn't miss this chance to get close to him.

Zed sighed helplessly. Looking at her, he asked in a displeased tone, "Well, it's so late now. Why are you still up?"

"I can't sleep. Can you talk to me for a while?"

Elizabeth looked at Zed and asked sweetly.

Upon hearing Elizabeth's request, Zed's face fell into a frown. "It's late," he said coldly. "And Jean is waiting for me in our bedroom. Besides, you are going to be my cousin-in-law. It is inappropriate for us to be alone together at this hour."

"Zed, Come on. Don't avoid me," Elizabeth begged. She gave a little pout, looking at Zed with her big, bright eyes. "And don't keep addressing me as your cousin-in-law. After all, Kirk and I are not married yet. So you can just call me Elizabeth for now," she said with a sly smile.

Zed's jaw tightened, his eyes cold and piercing. "Elizabeth, I don't care why you agreed to marry Kirk. But right now you're not allowed to back away from this wedding. If you keep your slate clean and live a happy life together with him, then I'll be grateful to you.

But if you just want to use Kirk to get close to me, you should just stop right now. I'd rather be the man who stopped my cousin's marriage rather than let you do something like that," Zed spat out every word at her.

His face darkened, and his expression was filled with annoyance.

For the entire day, Zed had been talking and hearing ab

bout calling your parents," she said, her voice low and angry.

"Aunt Sara, if you want this to escalate further, I'm okay with that. But I'm afraid that it might make Uncle Simon unhappy. I don't want to make his condition any worse than it is. If you insist on making more noises to wake him up, then I would like to ask you what trick you're trying to play,"

Zed snapped back at Sara.

"You have the audacity to question me? You're the one who's sneaking around and hooking up with your future cousin-in-law in the middle of the night!" Sara exclaimed in fury. "Zed, if you want to set me up, you should make up a better excuse."

"I don't know what makes you think that I am hooking up with her. Aunt Sara, open your eyes wide and take a good look at it. I want to go, but your daughter-in-law doesn't want me to leave. Earlier tonight, I was with Kirk. I just sent him back to his bedroom. Was that so wrong for me to do?"

Zed looked at Sara and replied coldly.

Sara looked ahead and saw Elizabeth grabbing Zed's clothes with a tearful face. Obviously, she didn't want to let him go.

Although she knew that Sara was looking at her, Elizabeth still had her hands on Zed's clothes.

Turning pale with anger, Sara fiercely stared at Elizabeth. Then she glanced back at Zed and spoke through gritted teeth, "If you didn't give her a chance, she wouldn't have grabbed your clothes and refused to let go in the first place. It's all your fault, Zed."

"My fault?" Zed suddenly burst into uncontrollable laughter and said angrily, "Aunt Sara, you're getting better and better at confounding black and white."

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