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   Chapter 869 Shameless

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8486

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'Looks like Kirk's finally going to say what's been bothering him, ' Zed thought.

At that moment, he felt his heart skip a beat. After so much time drinking, Kirk was going to get to the point of that night.

As far as Zed was concerned, Kirk was not a cunning person. But it looked like Kirk was truly preparing himself for what he was about to say, which made Zed surprised.

"Okay, go ahead!" Zed looked at Kirk and replied.

"What do you think about Elizabeth?" asked Kirk, staring at Zed closely with a serious look on his face.

It was then Zed realized why his cousin took so long to spit out what he wanted to say.

Kirk needed enough alcohol in his system to muster up the courage.

Upon hearing this, Zed looked at Kirk, and saw that he looked rather nervous and embarrassed.

Suddenly, Zed smiled, which made Kirk feel even more embarrassed. Then he added, "Well, you don't have to answer if you don't want to. It's nothing serious."

'Really? Oh, come on! My dear cousin, it has taken you so long to summon your courage to ask me that question. How could it be nothing serious?' Zed asked in his heart.

At that moment, in Zed's eyes, Kirk was acting like a child.

"Kirk, I don't know what you are thinking about me. Anyway, I must clarify to you that I'm not familiar with Elizabeth," Zed looked at Kirk and responded frankly.

Upon hearing Zed's words, Kirk was dazzled for a moment. Then he smiled. "I trust you! Well, let's continue drinking," Kirk stated.

After these words, he picked up the bottle wine, and moved to start pouring more wine into their glasses.

But, Zed quickly moved his hand to stop Kirk.

This made Kirk look up at Zed in surprise.

"Kirk, was it your own intention to ask me here to drink or was it Elizabeth who asked you to do so?"

Zed asked, his lips pressed into a fine line as he looked at Kirk seriously.

His question puzzled Kirk. After a short pause, Kirk snapped out of it, his face flushing with embarrassment. "W-what... do you.. mean.. by that?" he stammered.

"Please don't get me wrong. I just want to know if things are going good for you," sighed Zed. "From what I know about my cousin, he's a person who's straightforward. He's wise and never a reckless man. I still remember that several years ago, he decided to forfeit his right of inheritance and planned to go to Switzerland to study. Till today, I am still very impressed by the courage he showed when he tried to convince grandpa and Uncle Simon to agree with him."

After these words,

Kirk smiled with gratitude. Looking at Zed, let out a breath of relief.

Seeing Kirk relaxed, Zed leaned forward. "Kirk, Elizabeth and you are getting married soon. I hope you still remember what you get married for," he started. "Don't think too much. All you have to do now is plan your wedding."

"Elizabeth and you..."

Kirk said, trailing off with a look of unease.

"Elizabeth and I have nothing to do with each other. My only relationship with her is that she is my future cousin-in-law," Zed looked at Kirk and replied with a smile.

Kirk let out a sigh of relief. But at the same time, a solemn look appeared on his face. Then he said in a concerned voice, "Zed, I know you are a sensible man. Right now, you have to live under the same roof with Elizabeth. If she does something that offends you, please do forgive her."

"Of course I will." Looking at Kirk, Zed continued with a smile, "Kirk, don't worry about that. Just take your time to plan your wedding. I'm not going to get angry. Jean and I won't stay in Imperial Capital for long. That will save you a lot of trouble."

Kirk felt completely relieved as soon as he heard Zed's words.

He glanced at Zed, a smile reappearing on his face. "Okay. Let's drink. Zed, cheers!" Kirk exclaimed.

They finished the entire bottle of wine. After that, Kirk was drunk and Zed helped him back to his bedroom. Then, he headed straight towards his own bedroom.

That night, Zed had a long talk with Kirk. Surprisingly, Zed didn't feel at ease at all. In fact, his feeling got heavier.

Zed was sure that Kirk already had deep feelings for Elizabeth.

But Elizabeth didn't seem to have the same feelings for him.

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