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   Chapter 866 Do I Still Have A Chance

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7789

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All the while, Elizabeth stared seriously at Kirk as she announced her statement.

Zed and Jean didn't expect her to say that in front of them. They exchanged glances, both of them looking very cheerful.

'Maybe Elizabeth acted affectionate towards Zed because she hasn't seen him for a long time.

Does it mean there's truly room for Kirk in her heart?

She wouldn't have said something like that if she didn't!

On the other hand, Kirk told me that Elizabeth agreed to have a fake marriage with him without thinking twice about it. They were doing it for the sake of Simon's health. However, I don't believe that. If she really had no feelings for him, she wouldn't have agreed to do something as drastic as marriage, ' Jean thought to herself.

At the thought of this, she couldn't help but turn to Kirk.

She saw that he had a pleasant look of surprise on his face. He looked at Elizabeth with loving eyes and asked with his voice trembling, "Elizabeth, is everything that you said true?"

"Come on, Kirk. I'm not lying to you," Elizabeth arrogantly replied. After that, she gave Jean a sidelong glance.

The smile on Jean's face suddenly froze, and as soon as Elizabeth left her, a look of suspicion wavered in Jean's eyes.

For Jean, Elizabeth was a very beautiful woman, and it was truly great that she and Kirk were getting married.

Actually, after Elizabeth announced that she wanted to be Kirk's wife in front of them, Jean believed that she really loved him.

'But why did she look at me like that just now?

She would have looked at Zed

if she really had feelings for him, ' thought Jean.

Thinking about the look Elizabeth gave her sent chills down Jean's spine.

"What's wrong?" Zed asked as he stood beside her. He had noticed that Jean was unusually quiet, and couldn't help but ask with concern.

"Nothing," Jean looked at Zed and shook her head. In reality, her heart was sinking.

That was when Jean had a feeling that Elizabeth lied to them by saying that she wanted to be Kirk's wife.

If that was the case, she could understand why Elizabeth lied to them.

After all, she was in the Qi family house. Whether she knew Zed would be there or not, her attitude towards him had already made the other family members unhappy.

Therefore, in order to calm Zed's family members


But Jean started to feel worried and anxious. Especially when she saw the proud look on Elizabeth's face. "Are you sure?" Jean asked with a frown. "Once you become Kirk's wife, it will be less likely for you to leave the Qi family."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Now that I don't have a chance with Zed anymore, then I don't care who will be my husband. Of course Kirk is different from other men. At least I know a lot about him, and I am sure he will make me happy," Elizabeth stated with a smile.

Upon hearing what Elizabeth said, Jean felt that at least Elizabeth still had some common sense.

Kirk was caring and nurturing. If Elizabeth married him, she would be very happy.

"I hope you would think twice before making any decisions. If you still want to have the wedding, then I will wish you a happy marriage," said Jean sincerely as she looked at Elizabeth.

"Don't you want to know why I'm determined to marry into the Qi family?"

Elizabeth fixed her eyes on Jean and asked with a smile.

Just then, Jean's face got stiff as she gazed at Elizabeth.

"I think you must know the reason," Elizabeth added when Jean didn't respond.

Right then, Jean's heart skipped a beat. In truth, she had guessed that Elizabeth agreed to marry Kirk because of Zed, but she was not sure at that time. But now, she knew that she guessed right.

"Yes, you guessed right. I want to marry into the Qi family only because of Zed," Elizabeth went on with a smile. She could tell exactly what was in Jean's mind from the look on her face.

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