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   Chapter 864 Did You Ever Like Anyone Else

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6710

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"Are you embarrassed of me because of my unreasonable quarreling?" Jean said meekly, letting herself calm down.

"No, I'm not," Zed immediately replied. "I'm just worried. I don't want to make you angry. Once you get angry, you don't listen to anything I say, and that makes me feel so useless. Honey, let's just forget about it. You can be sure that you'll be the only woman I will ever love and cherish. No one can ever undermine our relationship."

Hearing Zed's words made Jean's heart filled with warmth.

His promise meant everything in the world for her.

"Ok, I'll be sure to keep that in mind. And I'm sorry. I'll try not to lose my temper so easily," Jean said sheepishly.

With a deep sigh, Zed raised his hand and caressed her face. "Jean, no matter what happens, always tell me how you feel. Okay? Sometimes, I just don't notice this sort of thing. By now, I'm sure you know I'm not as sensitive and observant as you are. But I'm really doing my best to understand you better..."

As Jean gazed upon Zed, she couldn't help but feel immensely flattered. Never did she expect that he would say something like this.

She felt at ease all of a sudden.

He was right. Zed had guessed why she was at odds with him. Usually, his indifference made things worse.

However, Zed finally figured out what was bothering her, after all the quarrels caused by the women from his past.

Hearing Zed say this made Jean happy, but, deep in her heart, there still was a bit of sadness.

It was because every day Zed just proved himself to be such an outstanding husband.

Zed was surrounded by a lot of other beautiful women. Truthfully, she felt jealous and insecure, which made her even more depressed.

He made his promise now, though. But there was just something nagging at the back of Jean's head.

'Maybe I'll try a different approach on him...' Jean thought to herself.

"Zed, did you ever like anyone else before me?" Jean asked quietly, raising her eyes to look at Zed.



"I just wanted to ask you something," Jean replied bluntly.

"Is it about Elizabeth?" he asked desolately.

"Yes. Did you know that Elizabeth knows Zed?" Jean asked with concern.

"No, I didn't," Kirk sighed in distress.

His reply surprised Jean, and her brows furrowed in confusion.

If Kirk had no idea that his fiancee had known Zed, did Elizabeth even know the relation between Kirk and Zed?

The answer was obvious. According to her behavior, it seemed that she knew.

So had Kirk been left in the dark all this time?

Jean wasn't sure whether the wedding could be held as scheduled since the situation was in disarray.

"So what's the plan now?" Jean asked with sympathy.

Kirk looked so upset and helpless as he stood there.

"I don't know," looking at Jean, Kirk answered blankly.

The whole family was told that he would marry Elizabeth, but none of them expected that Elizabeth would show her affection towards Zed so blatantly.

Although she didn't do it in public, everyone who was there wasn't idiots. They could tell that Elizabeth had feelings for Zed.

"If you love her, I think you should try your best to win her heart," Jean consoled him.

Suddenly Kirk opened his eyes widely, staring at her, and seemed grateful.

"I just talked with Zed about Elizabeth," Jean continued.

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