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   Chapter 863 She's The Only One In My Heart

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6648

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Zed sighed as he took a step towards Jean, "Jean, don't you believe me? You just told me that you trusted me!"

Jean shook her head and shouted angrily, "I just found out that the man I supposedly trust the most lied to me. Do you really think I still trust you after this?"

"Jean..." Zed's heart twisted at Jean's words. He reached out for her hand but she avoided it.

"Stay away from me! If you don't tell me exactly what's going on, I won't ever forgive you. You knew I was worried yesterday and I asked you to tell me the truth. But what did you do? You just lied to me!"

Jean shook her head, disappointed as she gazed at Zed.

Zed looked upset. "Kirk showed me a photo of Elizabeth before and I knew then that she was the one I knew. But that's it. I just know her. I didn't have a relationship with her or anything. So what should I have told you? What did you want me to tell you? Whatever happened before, that's all in the past now. She's my cousin-in-law, Jean. What are you so worried about?"

"What do I want you to say?" Jean repeated—she sounded offended. She glared at him, "Zed, is that what you call an explanation? You've really let me down!"

Jean turned around and left.

She was really upset.

Zed was her husband and she had always trusted him and this was what happened? Zed really hurt Jean.

Elizabeth stood in front of her acting like she knew something and Zed just stood by. He pretended like nothing was happening.

'What really is my place in Zed's heart?' Jean thought to herself.

Before Elizabeth, Jean was pretty chill about Zed's previous relationships. She knew that they didn't matter because she and Zed were married now. She was looking forward to a bright future with Zed.

But it wasn't until today that she realized their relationship would easily crumble in the face of a former one.

She thought their relationship was stronger than this.

Jesse and Yanni almost ruined things between Zed and Jean once before. And he

ther since then."

"Are you telling the truth?" Jean asked, looking confused.

"When have I lied to you before?" Zed said with a wry smile on his face. "I promise you that everything I told you just now is true. There's nothing going on between us and that's it."

Jean figured that this was also why Zed didn't say anything to her about Elizabeth last night.

When Jean saw Zed's innocent demeanor, she started to question herself.

'Am I really that sensitive?

How come I got so angry at what Elizabeth said?'

"Okay, Elizabeth is here now. Why did you have a strange look on your face last night when Kirk told you he was getting married?" Jean asked seriously, gazing directly at Zed.

"That wasn't about her, trust me!" Zed sighed again. "Nothing happened between us. Why would that bother me?"

Zed answered simply.

Jean didn't know if she wanted to believe him. She looked at him and asked herself, 'Am I really paranoid?

Why don't I believe Zed?'

Zed grabbed his chance the second Jean softened. "Come on, let's not fight anymore. Let's go back, okay?"

Jean rolled her eyes at Zed and nodded.

Zed felt relieved. He intertwined his fingers with Jean's as they walked back to the house.

"Zed..." Jean said after a moment of silence.

"What's wrong?" Zed looked at Jean in surprise.

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