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   Chapter 862 Kirk's Wife

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7567

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"Second, we all know we've been going through some issues lately. Even though Elizabeth is Kirk's wife, I still don't want our issues affecting them. She'll only be here for a week. I'm sure everything will go smoothly as long as we're all careful."

Benjamin glanced solemnly at everyone.

Ultimately, he just didn't want any shameful family secrets getting out.

Even if Elizabeth would be married to Kirk, that was to say she would be a member of the Qi family, Benjamin still didn't want her to know anything about the family secrets.

However, whatever was going on in the Qi family was no longer a secret.

'Besides, hasn't Kirk told her about it yet?' Jean thought to herself.

Jean looked doubtfully at Zed who was just standing next to her.

He seemed to be lost in his own thoughts and Jean had no idea what was going on in his mind.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Simon..." Benjamin looked at Simon and said in a gentle tone, "You're sick and weak. After meeting Elizabeth, you're free to go back to your room and rest. You don't have to stay out here for so long."

"Okay, dad." Simon nodded in agreement as his pale face flushed with excitement.

'Has anyone in the Qi family ever seen Elizabeth?

I assume at least Simon has met her before.

After all, when he was being treated in Switzerland, Elizabeth was there too, ' wondered Jean.

After a few more words, Benjamin looked at his watch to check the time. He estimated that Kirk and Elizabeth would be arriving soon, so he gestured for everyone to go outside to welcome them.

As everyone started to head outside, Zed and Jean stayed behind for a while to talk. Jean sighed. "You can tell how different Grandpa Benjamin is treating Elizabeth as compared to when he met me for the first time. I remember just a few months ago, I tried my best to take care of him and I did everything I could to please him but he still didn't like me. Zed, maybe your dad was the one who was adopted,"

Jean murmured.

"Nonsense! Stop it, Jean," Zed dismissed her, looking rather displeased.

Jean knew that it was an inappropriate time to make such a joke, so she stuck her tongue out in embarrassment.

"It boils down to who Elizabeth is. It's a little complicated that's why

e was looking at her.

"Zed, what's the matter?" Benjamin asked in a low voice. "How come you never told us that you knew Elizabeth?"

"There are a lot of Elizabeths in the world. I didn't know she was the same one," Zed said nonchalantly.

Benjamin eased up a bit. "You're married now. You shouldn't be getting too close to other women."

"Grandpa..." Zed said with distaste in his tone.

'What did grandpa mean? Did he think Elizabeth's here for me?

Oh, my god! Come on! I'm innocent!' Zed thought to himself.

Benjamin looked at him intently before turning around and returning to the house.

Sean and Jade glanced at Zed worriedly. They rubbed Jean on the shoulder before following Benjamin.

Soon, it was just Zed and Jean standing outside.

The air was thick with tension.

Jean broke the silence. "Don't you have anything to say to me?"

Looking at Jean, Zed forced a smile. "About what?"

"Did you know that she was Kirk's fiancee? The Elizabeth that you knew?" Jean asked, staring him down.

Zed opened his mouth as if he was going to say something.

But when he saw the look on Jean's face, he closed his mouth and just nodded his head.

"That's why you had a strange look on your face when Kirk said he was getting married! That was it? That's why you wanted me to leave? But I remember you told me that you had that strange look on your face because you were just worried about Sky International. So, Zed, which one do I believe?"

Jean said in an annoyed tone.

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