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   Chapter 861 I Won't Let You Down

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"Okay then, I'll pick up something comfy for you!" replied Jean. She took out a white sweater and looked at Zed with a big smile, "How about this?"

"Okay," Zed responded. He grabbed the sweater from Jean and walked to the dressing room.

Jean put on a pink maternity dress since the baby was getting bigger. Almost half her clothes didn't fit her anymore.

She knew that the dress wasn't proper enough for a first meeting with Elizabeth which was why she put on makeup.

When she saw Zed wearing the sweater, she couldn't stop staring at him.

He was tall, lean and good-looking. Anything on him looked perfect. He looked perfectly nice too when he wore suits but casual wear was also attractive on him. It made him look friendlier somehow.

Jean didn't know what to say. Who was she kidding? Zed had the body of a model!

Of course, anything looked good on him!

Zed fixed himself up very quickly before turning to Jean, he had a serious look on his face. "Jean, what did dad say to you earlier?"

Jean knew what he was asking about but she decided against telling him.

"We didn't really talk about anything important. He just asked about us, how we were doing, stuff like that," Jean responded.

"How we were doing?" Zed asked, a meaningful look on his face.

He knew his father very well. He never wasted his energy on just nothing.

His father wasn't the type to engage in small talk more so with his own daughter-in-law.

Jean regretted her words right away.

Sean would never ask that.

If they were talking about Jade, there was no issue at all. But since this was Sean, Zed saw right through her lie right away.

It was too late now. Jean had no other choice but to make something up. "Yeah! He asked how we were doing, what we did on a daily basis, stuff like that. I couldn't believe it too! Your dad actually asked me about our daily lives. Imaging how shocked I was! And..."

Jean tried her best to feign the surprise but soon her voice just trailed off.

Jean realized she didn't know Sean well enough, but Zed did.

'Damn it! Sean's probably never asked that to anyone in his whole life. Probably not even Jade. Oh my god! Why did I say that...' Jean thought to herself.

Zed watched as Jean reddened. Her head was lowered, and she was looking at her feet. He shook his head and sighed with a smi

asn't within earshot anymore.

Zed frowned. "Nothing. I just didn't want to go right away."

Jean was a bit confused but she didn't press on. She took one last look at the mirror before leaving their room with Zed.

In the living room, Benjamin was sitting on the couch. He just got home and he looked exhausted.

Jean didn't expect this but when she saw Simon, she suddenly realized why Benjamin had called everyone here.

Elizabeth was probably arriving soon.

Even though Elizabeth was just going to be a future granddaughter-in-law, Benjamin liked to clarify things nonetheless.

Jean recalled the first time she met Benjamin back in H City. He gave her a hard time back then.

It felt so long ago.

"Kirk just called. He's already picked up Elizabeth and they're on their way back. I gathered everyone to say a few things,"

Benjamin said when he saw that everyone was already in the living room.

Everyone looked serious as they waited for him to continue.

"First of all, Elizabeth is a foreigner. Although she has dated Kirk for years, learned a little bit of Chinese and will thus have no problem communicating with us, we still need to be careful when we talk. We don't want to offend the newest member of our family," Benjamin said sternly.

He gave everyone a look, lingering on Sara.

Jean noticed that and stole a quick glance at Sara too.

Sara was going to be Elizabeth's mother-in-law. Those two would definitely spend more time with one another than anyone else in the room.

Jean believed that Benjamin meant well.

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