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   Chapter 860 Put on A Makeup

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6804

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"I know you have a good heart," Sean said emotionally, gazing at Jean. "I know you went through a lot with Zed. We still owe you a wedding. I promise you after everything we're dealing with the company, we'll hold a big wedding for you and Zed."

Jean looked at him in surprise until she realized what he was talking about.

Jean wasn't the type of girl to ask for a wedding and neither of Zed's parents ever mentioned it. So she was surprised to hear his father-in-law mention it out of nowhere.

'Deciding to visit Imperial Capital was a good idea after all.

At least Zed's family accept me now, ' Jean thought to herself.

Jean smiled, "Dad, don't bother. That's not important to us. Our priority right now is to move on from all this problems we're dealing with. Only then can we all start sleeping better."

Was that true though?

Jean really wasn't expecting much—deep inside, she had her own doubts.

Because after they sorted the company problems out, they had to face a domestic situation among the Qi family.

When everything got out, what was Simon supposed to do with his relationship with Sara?

But fortunately, they didn't have to face it at present. That was to say, they could really feel relieved for a while.

"Dad, Jean…" Zed suddenly chimed in. He sounded surprised and he was sweating as he arrived at the dining hall.

He was surprised to find just Jean and his dad sitting together at the dining hall.

"You…" Zed's sweat was soaking through his T-shirt. Jean frowned and asked, "Where did you go? Why are you sweating like that?"

"I went for a morning run." Zed glanced at Sean before shifting it towards Jean. When he concluded that there was no need to worry about anything, he pulled out a chair and sat down.

"Morning run?" Jean asked, a bit surprised but when she saw how refreshed Zed looked, she felt relieved.

It still surprised her a bit even though she knew that Zed had always maintained his good health.

In the six months since they got married, she had never seen


She also wanted to make the Qi family look good in front of Elizabeth.

Zed came out around the same time she finished doing her makeup.

He was surprised to find Jean sitting in front of their dresser.

"What's wrong? Are you not used to me putting on makeup?" Jean asked with a smile after she saw Zed's look from the mirror.

"Yeah, a bit," Zed replied as he ran a towel through his hair.

"Do I look good like this?" Jean turned around to look at Zed and asked.

"Yes, you're very beautiful," Zed said, eyes gleaming.

Jean hadn't put on much weight since her pregnancy but her cheeks did have a natural flush.

She looked even more delicate and beautiful with a light application of makeup.

Jean also put on some pink lip gloss. Zed was mesmerized.

Although she wasn't wearing glamorous makeup, to Zed, she looked fabulous.

Makeup could really do wonders to a lady if she knew how to use it right.

Thick makeup or designer dresses weren't necessary to show off a woman's beauty.

To Zed, Jean looked absolutely beautiful.

Jean felt a little embarrassed as Zed continued to stare at her.

She decided to go to her closet to avoid his gaze. She asked Zed as she looked through her closet, "Zed, what do you want to wear today?"

"Any clothes will do," Zed replied casually. He wasn't much of a dresser.

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