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   Chapter 858 Cunning Woman

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6917

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With his head bowed down, Zed rubbed his right temple with his fingers. He did think that his words would irritate Jean.

As he sat there, facing his wife's anger, he couldn't come up with a plan on what to do.

"Zed, what do you take me for?" Jean said through her teeth, getting angrier from Zed's silence. "If I really am your wife, then you shouldn't have made me so worried about you. Toby can't leave you, neither can I. This is not up to you now. I've made up my mind."

With a scoff, she lay down on the bed, her back turned to Zed, and pulled a blanket over her body.

With a wry smile, Zed just helplessly watched her.

"Jean," he started, trying to explain, "I just want to protect you and our baby. You know me well enough to know that when I have a plan, nothing will go wrong. And my plan now is to pick you up from H City once everything here has been settled. Trust me, it won't take too long..."

"Humph! I don't want to hear your excuses," she said with a snarky tone.

Zed opened his mouth, as if he was about to say something, but then decided against it. He knew that Jean wouldn't accept any kind of explanation at the moment.

With a sigh, he got up and lay beside her. It was obvious that she was still mad at Zed from her heavy breathing.

"Don't be mad at me, will you? Fine, you can stay with me. It's my pleasure to have you near me," Zed said tenderly as he cuddled her from behind. "Don't be angry, or else our baby—"

"Now you're talking about our baby?" Hearing Zed bring up their baby made Jean even more furious. "You want to run around with all these problems without me and the baby?" Jean said, turning around to glare at him. "No way! We would never agree to that!"

"My fault. I know I made a mistake. I shouldn't have been so selfish to send you away," Zed immediately admitted his mistake when he saw Jean's red face with anger.

"Now, tell me. Who's that one who makes you have scruples?"

Since Zed had agreed to let her stay with him, she decided to push her luck further and asked another question.

alized she carried the joke far too long.

After all, if a man like Zed got angry, things would get worse.

"Never mind. It's just a casual remark. I don't really mean it. Just remember not to hide anything from me. You make me feel like an idiot when you do," she admitted to him.

Upon hearing her words, Zed turned back to look at Jean, feeling guilty for her sincerity.

Couples should be honest to each other, but not for everything. There were many things that shouldn't be known by the other part for his or her good.

Secrets with good intentions were also a form of showing thoughtfulness.

For example, Jean was pregnant so it was improper for her to get hung-up on too many things or feel pressured. She should be in good mood every day.

They had gone through a lot of hurdles, which was definitely not easy for her. Therefore, Zed wanted to take more burdens by himself rather than make Jean worried.

Jean was aware that Zed had found some clues but he couldn't make judgments right now.

If she continued to bother him or put pressure on him, it would be all for nothing.

With that, Jean slowly fell asleep, putting the topic to rest.

The moonlight came into the room through windows, washing the bed with a pale blue color. Zed was propped on his elbow, watching Jean sleep.

Looking at her lying there peacefully made him feel at ease.

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