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   Chapter 857 Are You Hiding Something

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6697

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It wasn't until she heard Zed turn the shower on did she realize what had happened. She couldn't help but feel awful.

Gosh, what was she thinking?

How wrong did she think of Zed!

There was nothing else she felt at the moment but shame.

Unthinkingly, Jean lifted her hand and lightly slapped her cheeks repeatedly, feeling guilty and remorseful.

At that moment, Zed walked out of the bathroom, his towel sloppily hanging over his waist. He walked towards Jean, running another towel through his wet hair.

The sight of Zed made Jean's nerves tighten. She straightened herself up and stared at Zed.

Her tense reaction caught Zed off guard. "What?" he asked, confused. "You look as if the world's ending."

"Zed, could you please sit down? We need to talk," said Jean in a serious voice.

Confused, Zed sat down at a chair nearest to him. "Alright. What is this about—"

"I can't keep it to myself anymore," Jean interrupted. "Ever since Kirk announced that he was getting married, you've been acting so weird. Are you hiding something from me?"

Zed furrowed his eyebrows, surprised. He said nothing, and only looked at her in silence.

Jean had expected that Zed still wouldn't budge, and so she continued, "I know you well, Zed. Back then, you told me about the issue between Simon and Sara. You didn't feel the need to hide it from me. So I can only assume that it's not about them. Otherwise, you would've told me what's been bothering you by now.

You said that it wasn't because of Calvin. If that's true, the only possible explanation is Kirk's wedding." Jean paused, examining Zed's reaction with a stern look on her face. "Zed, tell me honestly... Are you against Kirk's wedding? I don't understand. Weren't you the one who persuaded him?"

Jean shook her head, completely confused.

There was another short pause. Zed just stared back at Jean. Finally, he let out a long, deep sigh.

Seeing his reaction, Jean suddenly turned nervous. It looked as if Zed was go

he was right.

Ever since Zed asked her to go back and told Moore to persuade, she had already had a hunch.

Even so, she still wished that she could hear the truth from Zed.

But Zed looked as if he didn't have any plans to tell her at all.

No matter how hard she tried, he still wouldn't budge.

Jean had already seen through his well intentions. Now, she proposed her hunches boldly, demanding the truth once and for all.

Zed must have had his own reasons not to tell her.

It was just that Jean really couldn't bear to keep all her thoughts to herself.

Jean reached out her hand and grabbed Zed's, staring at him with sincerity in her eyes. "Zed, we're husband and wife, aren't we?"

Zed turned his gaze away slightly with a nod and sigh.

What Jean said put him in an irrefutable position.

"We're on the same boat... We share everything. If someone's targeting you, and that person finds out that you send me away, he or she will know that I'm your weakness. I've already told you this before. No matter where I am, I won't be safe..."

"I'll send Toby to go back with you. He'll protect you and make sure you're safe," said Zed flatly.

"If Toby's with me, who will be with you? Zed, don't you know that I'll get too worried?" Agitated, Jean raised her voice and glared at Zed, her cheeks flushing.

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