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   Chapter 855 This Is My Home

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 5895

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"In fact, Zed didn't say anything." Moore was silent for a long time before he spoke, "He just told me to be careful. He's worried people might swoop in and try to destroy the company while he's not around. Jean, Zed did it for you. I know you wouldn't ever leave Zed in difficult times like this but he still wanted me to convince you. Well, I've told you everything I know. It's for you to decide whether or not you're staying or leaving."

"Thank you, Moore," Jean said with a smile. She knew from the start that Moore would support her and wouldn't hide anything from her just because he worked for Zed.

"Are you really choosing to stay despite the risks?"

Moore asked rather anxiously. He added, for fear that Jean might misunderstand him, "Don't think too much of my question. I'm just making sure because I want you to be safe."

"I see," Jean sighed. "I married Zed. I have to stay."

Moore was convinced that Jean had decided to stay. He spoke in a concerned tone, "Then you should be careful. Especially that you're pregnant. You can't be careless anymore like you used to be."

"Yeah, I know." Jean nodded her head, keeping the smile on her face.

Moore was her friend and he would always be there to support her.

There was an unspoken understanding between them.

There was one thing that Jean couldn't quite understand about Zed—he knew very well that Moore and she had a solid friendship, so why would he still bother to ask Moore to convince her to stay?

'Maybe Zed just wanted to have a try, even though he was sure that it wouldn't work.

But where is he now?' Jean thought to herself.

Needless to say, Jean had a quizzical look on her face after hanging up the phone.

She took out her phone again, tapped the WeChat

s only doing it to not worry her.

However, it bothered her knowing that something was wrong with Zed and he wasn't telling her. That was what upset Jean the most.

She wasn't sure what exactly happened to Zed and she was afraid that Zed might get in trouble.

"Kirk..." Zed suddenly spoke, "I didn't expect you to get married so soon."

"Well, I was just taking your advice. I don't want to end up regretting anything," Kirk said with a smile. "I wanted to talk to you about my marriage with Elizabeth. You're the only close cousin I have, so I can only go to you for help."

Kirk suddenly looked gloomy.

Zed nodded, "You don't have to look at it like that. Jean and I will do whatever we can to help you."

Kirk and Zed was the only descendants of the young generation of their family.

They weren't related by blood but they were still both part of the Qi family. They grew up together and were on excellent terms with one another.

Kirk seemed pleased. "Zed, I know you're set to inherit Sky International. And I know you're very busy and I hate to be of any bother to you. But I was hoping to ask Jean for a favor. Don't worry. I won't tire her out."

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