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   Chapter 853 Getting Married

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6804

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Zed was just standing right beside Jean, and he saw her staring indignantly at Sara. In a single swift movement, he grabbed Jean back onto her seat, blocking her view of the other woman.

Startled, Jean looked up at Zed and saw him shaking his head. She couldn't help but let out a small chuckle.

Did Zed really think that she couldn't control herself? That she would go up and ask Sara her questions without thinking about it twice?

He must've thought so little of her!

Jean was in no position to make accusations, especially since she was a new member in the Qi family.

She was Zed's wife.

But still, that was not enough.

It was worth noting that Simon had no blood ties at all with Benjamin.

That was why Benjamin hadn't interfered in the matter between Simon and Sara, which made things get worse and worse, and boiled down into such a terrible situation.

Benjamin had no say in it, especially Jean.

Besides, Sean and Kirk were still in the dark. If Jean stood up and called out Sara, everything would get exposed and laid out onto the table. Inevitably, Sean would feel absolutely devastated, exacerbating his health drastically.

Jean knew well enough not to do such a thing.

With that, she sat back down quietly, although she felt a bit irked that Zed didn't trust her.

"Jean..." Sensing her anger, Zed sighed and whispered to her, "Don't be angry. Let me make it up to you. When we go back to our room, you can do whatever you want."

Surprised, Jean looked up at him and saw the sincere, apologetic look on his face.

It was unusual. Before, whenever Zed got Jean mad, he would try to console her, but never really as quickly as he did just now.

Judging from his expression and tone, Jean made up her mind to forgive him.

"Okay, I'll keep that in mind," Jean said with a sly smile, laughing quietly.

Nobody noticed their little conversation.

When Jean looked up back at the table, she noticed that there was something strange.

Minutes had already passed—all of them had alrea

ace seeming to glow with joy.

But Sara on the other hand...

Jean shifted her gaze to look at her.

What she saw surprised her.

Sara had her back turned slightly, wiping away the tears from her eyes discreetly.

The smile on her face looked... genuine.

Seeing this little scene, Jean couldn't associate that cruel and wicked Sara with this happy looking mother.

It took them a great while to process the good news. After a few more moments, they finally started their dinner.

Today, Simon had one more bowl of rice, more than his regular appetite, which surprised everybody.

After the dinner, Kirk carefully led Simon back to his bedroom. Jean watched them leave and then looked at Zed, who was lost in a trance.

"What? Everybody is happy. Why are you worried?"

asked Jean, concerned.

It seemed that Zed had been acting weird since Kirk announced the news.

Zed looked up and glanced around. Then, he grabbed Jean hands and politely said to Benjamin, "Grandpa, father, mother, please excuse us. Jean and I are going back to our room."

Calvin also stood up and bade everyone farewell.

Jean looked at Calvin, feeling sorry for him. Kirk's marriage drew everybody's attention, so he wasn't given that much attention.

"Calvin, come visit us again. You are always welcome here," said Jean as she waved goodbye at him.

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