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   Chapter 852 She Doesn't Deserve Your Sympathy

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6700

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Jean and Jade were startled when a familiar and cheerful voice interrupted their conversation.

They were so engrossed in their conversation that they forgot that Grandpa Benjamin had come to the yard after Sean returning to the bedroom.

Oddly enough, they were also standing by the secluded corner in the yard.

So they didn't know if Grandpa Benjamin could hear them in the first place.

He wasn't angry, though—in fact, he even sounded pleased.

Jean immediately turned to the sound of Grandpa Benjamin's voice—she was surprised to find Grandpa Benjamin standing from a distance. She scurried towards him to support him with her hand. "Grandpa, when did you arrive? Why didn't you call us?"

"Would you have continued talking so intensely if you saw me standing here?" he said, a little surprised. He cast a glance towards Jade who had lowered her head.

Since she was Zed's mother, it was expected of her to be protective of her son and to not let him get involved in all of this.

However, Jade turned pale the moment she saw Benjamin.

Benjamin was the one who asked Zed to come back so he could help the Qi family.

So he probably wasn't very happy to hear Jade asking Jean to convince Zed to return to H City.

That was why Jade had kept her head lowered, refusing to meet Benjamin's gaze.

Benjamin knew what Jade was thinking. He heaved a deep sigh.

Jade was startled at the sound of Benjamin sighing—she panicked, unsure what to do.

Benjamin didn't disguise his disappointment, so he turned to Jean who was smiling at him, and looked at her admiringly.

It seemed that Jean, his granddaughter-in-law, was more responsible.

She remained calm even with so many unexpected things happening here and there. She was truly graceful even in the face of difficulties.

Zed did a good job in choosing his wife.

"Grandpa, so will you answer my question?" Jean was feeling a little embarrassed and she was trying to break the ice.

"Jean," Jade tried to stop Jean as

ther meant," Jean chimed in. "She's just scared that we might not find a way out of this and we might even bring more trouble for the Qi family. That's why she was suggesting that we just leave."

"Whatever Zed decides to do, I'll support it," Benjamin said in a serious tone. "We must retain Sky International at all costs."

Jean's heart sank.

Jean knew what Benjamin meant.

Sky International didn't really mean that much to Benjamin.

The only reason he wanted to retain Sky International was for Simon.

Simon was very sick and if he found out that Sky International was in trouble, he would...

Jean's insides twisted at the thought of this.

'Does Sara know what kind of trouble she's causing?

If she does, is she and Simon just that resolved like grandpa had said?'

Jean was puzzled. She guided Benjamin as they headed for the living room.

Everyone sat at the dining table—food had been served.

Calvin sat next to Kirk.

Jean and Benjamin walked in together followed by Jade which made Zed suspicious.

"Mom and I were out in the yard and so was grandpa so we all came back together," Jean explained, but her eyes were fixed on Sara who was next to Simon.

She was a bit surprised to find Sara so calm and so attentive to Simon.

How could she pretend like she did nothing wrong to Simon?

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