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   Chapter 851 Don't Worry Too Much

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9108

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Calvin began to shake his head vehemently. As he watched Jean, he felt a little embarrassed, face turning red. Hastily he said, "I just blurted it out on an impulse. I always assumed that it would be impossible for Ethan to buy shares of Sky International. And I also knew you had faith in yourself. My intention wasn't to hurt anyone. I was merely bringing up a topic to lighten the mood."

"Well, since you have been here for a long time, please tell me what's going on in Imperial Capital," Zed requested and glanced at Calvin with his curious eyes.

Quickly, he nodded his head and started to speak up.

As Calvin spoke, Jean realized she wasn't required there anymore. Being a considerate girl, she left to the kitchen as both the men continued their serious talk.

'Oh look! Jade is so busy with the dinner, ' Jean thought as soon as she entered the kitchen.

Although there were two servants present to help, Jean noticed that Jade liked to do most of the work all by herself.

This habit of Jade seemed so peculiar to Jean. She couldn't fathom why Jade bothered herself. As a hostess, she actually had no obligation to cook. Yet she always did it.

"Jean, there you are!" Jade said as soon as she spotted Jean standing next to her. A smile quickly crept on her tired face.

"Mom, what can I do for you?"

Jean asked eagerly and walked up to Jade.

"Dinner is almost ready. With all that grease flying around the kitchen, I don't think it is a good place for you to stay. You should stay away from the kitchen for a while," Jade said as she turned her focus to the dish.

"I'd like to stay here with you. Mom, why are you so obsessed with cooking?" Jean glanced at Jade and questioned.

"I am not so obsessed with cooking. It is just that I like to cook for my family," Jade replied as she grinned at her lovely daughter-in-law.

Jean was a little surprised by this answer.

She then returned a smile and gushed, "Mom, you are not only a great mother to Zed, but also an amazing daughter-in-law to the Qi family."

"Jean, it is nice of you to say such a thing. Your words always make me happy," Jade stated, suddenly beaming with happiness. After putting the food on the plate, she turned to look at the two servants. She patiently told them what to do. Then she took off her apron and walked up to Jean with a smile. "The dinner is almost ready. Since Zed doesn't have time to accompany you, would you mind taking a walk outside with me?"

Now Jean had a hunch that Jade wanted to say something to her.

She wondered, 'What is she going to say? Could she be angry at me for not informing them before I went out with Zed?'

In spite of her doubts, Jean nodded her head and obediently f

. If I can't convince you, how am I going to convince Zed? Perhaps I am just wasting my time with my attempts."

"Mom, don't sound so disappointed. I know you are doing this for our good. I won't ever question your intention. I finally understand the reason behind your anxiety when Zed and I went out today."

Jean had indeed realized the root cause of her mother-in-law's worry today. When they left, Jade and the other family members had already known that Sara was selling the shares. Therefore, she was afraid Sara would harm them if they went out unprepared.

After all, everyone in the Qi family knew why Zed had come back this time.

Now a suspicion arose in Jean's mind. She began to doubt whether it was Sara who had arranged her kidnapping.

However, she had no evidence to validate her doubt. Hence she had no choice but to suppress her thoughts.

"She has already decided to break away from us. This is a very dangerous time for you guys to be returning," Jade replied with traces of worry.

"Mom, don't panic. I am a little confused at the moment. And I want to ask you a question," Jean asked with her eyes fixated on Jade's face.

"Go ahead!" Jade looked at Jean and nodded her head.

"Since Sara's scheming is so obvious to us, why don't we come up with something smart? Why don't we blow her cover in front of Uncle Simon and Kirk?" Jean asked curiously.

Since the matter had gotten so serious, it was not a good idea to hide everything from Simon and Kirk.

To Jean, it seemed like the most unfair thing.

After all, Simon was Sara's husband and Kirk was her son.

Everyone deserved to know the facts.

Jade didn't exactly know how to respond to this question. In truth, Jean's question had caught her off-guard.

"That's a good question," a man's voice chipped in.

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