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   Chapter 850 You'd Better Go Back To H City Quickly

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7694

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Jean, as she stood by the side, could see that Calvin was already getting embarrassed. She wanted to say something to help him but decided against it for fear that it might anger Zed further.

Calvin also seemed like he really wanted to say something to Zed.

So Zed must have been short-tempered with him for a reason.

Jean thought to herself, 'Calvin's just here for Zed so why won't he just spit it out already? Why does he seem so hesitant?'

Jean raised her head to look at Calvin in puzzlement.

Calvin took a deep breath and then looked at Zed. He looked determined and said, "Zed, we all know that you're back here in Imperial Capital."

Zed was startled. 'All?' he thought to himself.

On the outside, Zed kept his face stoic and calm as he looked at Calvin, urging him to continue.

Meanwhile, Jean's eyes had widened and her mouth fell, 'What did Calvin mean by 'all'? Did he mean the people here in Imperial Capital or everyone who knows Zed?

Zed's only been here for two days and almost everyone already knows that he's here.

Is Zed that well-known here in Imperial Capital?'

"So, they asked me to invite you and Jean to the party at the Green Hotel tomorrow. We haven't seen each other in years and we all really want to see you and Jean, of course."

Calvin spoke quickly as he looked at Zed. He awaited for his response nervously.

Jean inferred that Calvin must have been referring to Zed's old friends and acquaintances.

Upon realizing this, she immediately wondered whether Zed would accept the invitation or not.

She shifted her glance to Zed who looked calm as ever. She had no idea what was on his mind—it was hard to tell.

"Zed, will you come?"

Calvin prompted.

"I don't have the time," said Zed coldly. Zed maintained his stony expression.

Jean was rather relieved to hear Zed's answer.

Even though she was interested to meet Zed's friends, she didn't want to be put on display like animals in a zoo.

Calvin had a bitter smile on his face. "We all knew you'd say no."

"So why did you still come here even though you knew I'd say no?" Zed asked bluntly. Zed obviously wasn't holding back and it seemed like he didn't care.

"It was our monitor, you know. He asked me to have a try anyway. If you agreed then he'd fly all the

gly calm. No emotion could be detected in his tone.

Calvin's eyes widened at the mention of Ethan.

He had already figured it out.

"I was a bit confused when you mentioned Ethan. He used to date Jean but that was years ago. I was surprised when he showed up out of nowhere inviting Jean to go to the museum with him. He said it was a promise he made to her a long time ago. Calvin, if Ethan didn't have something under his belt, would he do that in front of me?"

"No, he wouldn't..." Calvin paused before answering.

"After that, I tried to think of a reason why he would do that. I knew that it wasn't just so he could ask Jean out. With what you've told us, it all makes sense now," Zed said, sighing.

"Zed..." Calvin didn't know what to say but he wanted to comfort Zed somehow. "Even if it's true, he still doesn't stand a chance against you. So don't get disheartened right away..."

"Who told you that I was getting disheartened?" Zed piped in. He frowned as he gazed at Calvin.

"I..." Calvin was at a loss for words so he just stared at Zed helplessly.

On the inside, Calvin was panicking.

He thought to himself, 'But you spoke so softly and you kept sighing. What did I say wrong?'

"Zed, that's enough now. Stop messing around with Calvin," Jean said, suddenly chiming in.

Calvin looked at Jean with gratitude.

"Actually, we should be thanking you." Jean looked at Calvin and continued, "If you hadn't told us, we wouldn't have known this and things might have actually gotten even worse."

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