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   Chapter 849 You Can Go Now

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8447

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On an impulse, Jean looked back and saw the apologetic expression on Zed's face. Finally, she understood. "I get it. With the circumstances just now, I can understand why you didn't support me and got angry," Jean said. "I also didn't think that I would be able to drive him away like that so ruthlessly," she continued. "Maybe what he did to me at the neighboring city back then made me have enough with him," she added.

"Seems like people shouldn't burn the bridge just like Ethan did. Or else, you'll never know what you've lost," Zed said, his voice thick with emotion.

"Didn't you say he just got back from Spain? He came to meet me in such a hurry. I don't think it's me he wants to see. Wouldn't you think so?"

she asked with her brows furrowed.

Her statement caught Zed by surprise. Nevertheless, he smiled softly at her. "I think you're wrong," he replied, "It's you he wants to see."

"What?" Jean was in shock. She blinked, uncomprehending how it could possibly be true.

"After Ethan went back to Imperial Capital, he had his father's support. Although the Lei Group lost the market in H City, it did well in Imperial Capital," Zed explained. "I didn't plan to push him into the corner. His business prospered because he earned it with his skills and abilities. But... I didn't expect him to still have feelings for you."

There was an unhappy tone in Zed's voice as he said this, the corners of his lips slightly turning into a frown.

"No way!" Jean exclaimed in disbelief. "I'm already married! Happily married, if I may add, to you. From what I know about him, I don't think he'd still bother to have me in his thoughts in that kind of way..."

"Ah, well then. If that's what you think, then you're totally wrong," Zed said matter-of-factly. He looked carefully at Jean, and saw that she still couldn't believe it. With a sigh, he tried his best to explain it to her. "Men have bad habits sometimes. It's really deeply rooted. When men can't get something they want, the more they try to desperately get it."

"Are you serious?" Jean shook her head. The explanation Zed gave surprised Jean, although it made her see things more clearly. "If what you say is true," Jean said slowly, "me refusing Ethan ruthlessly would only make him want me more? Is that what you're trying to say?"

Zed's face darkened.

Seeing Zed's unpleasant look, Jean let out a hearty laugh and patted his shoulder. "I'm kidding, jeez," she reassured him. "I may not know much about other men, but I do know E

lost track of time. We won't make the same mistake again and make you all worry."

"Alright. Now that you are safely back, let's not talk about it anymore," said Jade, trying to ease the atmosphere. She was worried that she wasn't able to control her feelings earlier.

She stared at Zed, still a little angry for him turning off his phone. Then, she smiled warmly. "Dinner will be ready soon," Jade said. "Since Calvin is here today, I cooked some more dishes especially for his arrival."

'It seems that Calvin has such a close relationship with the Qi family, '

thought Jean as she watched Jade and Sean smiling welcomingly to Calvin.

"Uncle Sean, Aunt Jade, you don't have to..." Calvin was overwhelmed.

"Calvin, you must know Zed and Jean. You three should have a good chat. When the dinner is ready, I'll call you," said Jade to Calvin before she disappeared into the kitchen.

"Thank you, Aunt Jade." Calvin grinned warmly.

Then, Sean went upstairs and Benjamin went into the garden, leaving Jean, Zed and Calvin in the living room.

Seeing this, Jean asked, "Should I... leave?"

"Leave? Why?" Zed grabbed Jean's hand, signaled for her to stay. Then, he stared at Calvin with his sharp eyes and asked coldly, "You came to visit me, didn't you? What do you want?"

With his family's warm reception towards Calvin, Zed tried to put on his best behavior.

Calvin put on an embarrassed look and glanced at Zed, smiling bitterly. "It's been a long time since we last met. I just came to see you..."

"Oh, really?" With a cold voice, Zed interrupted him mid-sentence. "If you have something to say, spit it out. If you don't, I'll be on my way now."

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