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   Chapter 846 Find Her By The Clue Of The Incense

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9126

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With utter curiosity, Jean gazed at Zed.

"Did you truly find me by following the clue of that fragrance?" Jean asked, unable to hide her surprise.

"That was not ordinary incense. In fact, if Caleb had been the one who planned this whole thing, I wouldn't have found you so soon," Zed stated with a trace of regret on his face. Then he added, "I owe thanks to Caleb's three partners whose stupidity helped me in finding you. Only the Yan Family in the west district has this sort of incense. Immediately, I called and inquired about who in Imperial Capital had bought incense from them. Once I had the list, I thoroughly went through them. Finally, the Four Despots in Imperial Capital caught my attention."

Jean glanced at Zed, full of admiration. One could easily detect relief in her eyes.

Zed made it sound simple. However, Jean knew that it was not an easy thing for him to figure out that she was kidnapped by the Four Despots in Imperial Capital.

He had to study their working style and habits. Also, he had to find out who they had been in contact with and where they had often been recently.

'Zed must have spent a lot of effort in order to find that I was kidnapped by the Four Despots in Imperial Capital. Otherwise it couldn't have happened within such a short time, ' thought Jean.

Letting go of the horrible time she had spent, she finally let out a sigh of relief.

Without wasting any time, she drew closer to him and put her face on Zed's chest.

"Zed, where are you taking me?"

Jean inquired confusedly. In the beginning, Toby was driving very slowly in the downtown. But now it had been a long time hence Jean couldn't help herself from questioning. 'Why haven't we reached a destination yet?' her curious mind wondered.

"I am going to take you to a place where we can eat delicious food and have a fun time!" Zed exclaimed as he fixed his eyes upon her face.

He hadn't expected such a question from Jean.

He assumed she was content to be safe with him.

"But I remember you mentioning that we would just take a stroll around the neighborhood," Jean pointed out.

"Jean…there's nothing interesting around here. I want to make sure you will have fun." Zed hugged Jean tightly. In a comforting voice, he said, "Take it easy. As long as I am with you, you are safe. What happened that night won't ever happen to you again."

Certainly, Zed knew Jean very well. He could sense what she was worrying about.

After all she had just gotten out of a danger. It wasn't so easy for her to let it go. Her mind was still haunted by its memory.

It was no wonder that Jean had instinctive resistance towards hanging out.

Somehow, she felt relieved after listening to his words. He

he real reason? Why don't you want to visit the museum?"

Zed stopped laughing and glanced at Jean with a serious face.

Upon hearing Zed's question, Jean sighed and put down the duck in her hand. With a dejected look on her face, she responded, "I don't want to visit that place because of Ethan. When he was my boyfriend, he used to tell me that this city was his hometown. I was very excited to visit it. Therefore, he promised me that he would take me to the museum if I ever visited Imperial Capital..."

Jean suddenly stopped when she noticed the sudden change in Zed's manner. Gradually, he had become gloomy and bitter.

She hurriedly opened her mouth to explain, "Zed, don't misunderstand. It is not because I still have feelings for him. In fact, I don't even want to think about him. I am in a perfectly good mood which can get spoiled if he is mentioned."

Jean sensed that the more she explained, the angrier Zed looked.

"Do you still want to deny that his presence will affect your mood?" Zed questioned with a tinge of disappointment in his voice.

"Zed, of course not." Jean looked at Zed and sighed. "I admit that once upon a time I dreamt about visiting the museum with him. For a long time, I envisaged us having a happy trip. But those days are gone. After we broke up, I swore to myself that I would never have anything to do with him again. I tried very hard to forget him. And now, I have made it. You believe me, right?"

Seeing the anxious look on her face and the hasty explanation in her tone, Zed's face softened. But deep down he was still livid.

Surely, Zed trusted that Ethan's presence wouldn't affect Jean anymore.

He had full confidence in her love. But the fact that she wasn't willing to go to the museum, because of one of Ethan's promise, filled Zed with rage.

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