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   Chapter 844 She Had An Affair

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6347

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"Yes, I'm happy," Jean said looking at Zed sincerely. "Zed, I know now that grandpa is the local tycoon."

Zed was taken aback and almost even choked. "What? What made you say that?"

"See! He owns such a large courtyard house in a major city. He must be a tycoon,"

Jean exclaimed.

"Well, while grandpa worked hard his entire life, the only thing he has is this courtyard house." Zed had a strange look on his face as he continued, "Grandpa is a man of honesty and integrity so he's definitely not a tycoon. But even then, this courtyard house isn't his to begin with. When he dies, he'll have to return it back."

"What?" Jean asked, eyes widened in disbelief. "Grandpa worked hard all his life just to rent a house? Why would he give it back?"

"Grandpa specified it in his will," Zed explained. "Grandpa has foresight. He's still alive now so we're allowed to live in the house. But since we're adults, we already have our own lives. Grandpa may look strict, but he's actually very open-minded."

"I can see that. Grandpa treats Uncle Simon and your dad equally, I think. Well except for Aunt Sara..." Jean nodded.

"Aunt Sara..." Zed's face darkened at the mention of the name. "She deserves it."

"What?" Jean asked.

"I could have had a sister, but Sara made my mother have a miscarriage. The first three years after she came into the Qi family, she behaved so well. But ever since she gave birth, that was when she showed her true colors. I was actually impressed that she was able to hide her true self from us for three whole years. Everything seemed to be going well until she made my mother have a miscarriage. My father was so angry that he left Sky International. He took my mother on a trip; they traveled around the world just so they wouldn't see Sara..."

"Wow, I'm not surprised to hear that. What about Uncle Simon?" Jean asked.

"Uncle Simon..." Zed sighe

hout the years. He has worried too much that it affected his health..."

Zed began to look downtrodden. "Because Uncle Simon is adopted, he has to work twice as hard. Sky International is where it is today because of Uncle Simon's hard work. But he...."

Zed struggled to continue.

Even though Simon was adopted, grandpa still treated everyone equally. Growing up, Zed regarded Uncle Simon as real family.

Zed wouldn't easily treat anyone as his brother—his soldier mates whom he had gone through life and death with for example fit the bill.

But Zed referred to Kirk as his older brother—he was two years older than Zed.

At first, Jean didn't understand why Zed treated Kirk as his own brother, but now she understood.

Even though they weren't blood-related, they were still family.

"Zed..." Jean reached out her hand and grabbed his, comforting him in a soft voice, "Don't be sad. Uncle Simon is a good person. God will take good care of him."

She had been suspicious of Simon before. She had wondered if Simon wanted to betray the Qi family since he was only an adopted son, and so he had conspired with Sara to stir up trouble for the family.

But now she was sure that she had no reason to be. Simon really was a loyal family member.

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