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   Chapter 843 Grandpa Benjamin Was So Rich

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7247

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Zed watched Jean and shook his head.

He knew that Jean had a lot of questions so he couldn't clear everything out right now.

"When my dad left Sky International, he swore not to come back anymore. And Sara knows my dad very well. If he even attempts to come back, she'd definitely be prepared. My dad will be in so much trouble then."

"But Sara must know why Grandpa Benjamin asked us to come back here!"

Jean said doubtfully.

"Only if she's as clever as we think. And even if she does figure it out, it won't matter. She's not powerful enough to cause me trouble," Zed said nonchalantly.

"Zed..." Jean said cautiously, "You should never underestimate your opponents. That's how the strong gets defeated. I've barely talked to her but every time she and I exchange a few words, I find myself getting anxious all the time. So, Zed, please be careful. Promise me."

"I will." Zed couldn't help but smile at how worried Jean was. "Relax, I won't fail you this time."

Jean felt a little more relieved.

They wandered around the house for a while only to find that the house was empty save for a few servants.

"Where did everyone go?" Jean asked Zed.

"I have no idea." Zed frowned, puzzled. "Grandpa Benjamin and Uncle Simon aren't strong enough to go out anymore so they're always here. Either they're both in their rooms or they went out to visit some neighbors."

"Neighbors?" Jean's eyes gleamed with excitement. "Zed, I remember you told me before that you had many childhood friends and you guys always played in a big yard. Like Zack, Calvin, Ron... Is this the yard you were talking about?"

Jean regretted her words as soon as she said it.

While it was a large house with a large yard, it wasn't large enough to house many families.

"Absolutely not. The house I lived in when I was young was way bigger than this one." He chuckled, "Now I'm assuming you want to go out after hearing about the neighbors?"

"Not at all. It just occurred to me." Jean shook her head.

She was just kidnapped yesterday. Zed would never allow her to go out and expose herself to danger right away.

"All right then. I was just thinking about t

so noticed how much Sara respected Grandpa Benjamin.

For example, if Grandpa Benjamin was thirsty, she would fetch a cup of water for him by herself in no time.

All of this went unnoticed as it seemed like Grandpa Benjamin really expected this from Sara.

As to Jade, Grandpa Benjamin was the exact opposite. He was very kind to her.

It was then that Jean realized how differently they treated the adopted from their blood relatives.

However, Jean was surprised to find that Grandpa Benjamin treated Uncle Simon and Kirk better than he did to Sara.

So maybe it just wasn't about who was blood relative or not. Maybe Grandpa Benjamin didn't care much for Sara because she hired too many of her men in the company.

Sara wasn't stupid—she knew why Grandpa Benjamin treated her that way. So she remained quiet and did what was expected of her.

But that still begged the question: why didn't Sara just leave?

Either way, one thing was for sure:

Grandpa Benjamin had to be tough enough and wise enough to accumulate so much land in Imperial Capital.

If Jean were in Sara's place, she wouldn't push Grandpa Benjamin's place by letting her own men take over the company right under Grandpa Benjamin's nose.

But Sara was Sara.

People had different ways of dealing with things.

Why should she care how Sara dealt with her affairs?

Jean sighed. Zed noticed right away. "Are you okay? Aren't you happy to be out?"

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